Saturday, October 22, 2011

Letter I Workboxes

These are our  Workboxes for this week!  Letter I and Number 9 work.
To get the links and resources and to see the work in action, visit our Letter I week from last year HERE!

Also, check out the books we read for Letter I week!  

Review cards, Sandpaper Tactile Letters for finger tracing, I sound with LeapFrog Fridge Magnets, practice writing I, i and 9 in the salt box.  Using I and 9 alphabet wipe-off cards and number wipe-off cards.

Alphie the robot learning with the I and 9 cards, and driving on Road I.

Sorting upper and lower case I's, and tracing a large I i.

Inchworm puzzle, wipe-off Writing Practice booklet, and sorting inchworm sizes from small to large.

Wipe-off Number Practice booklet, and Bingo Dabbing I i.

Giant Push Pin poking I i, and Inchworm Counting Practice- cutting and pasting the numbers beside each group of inchworms in the booklet.

Pattern worksheet with cutting and gluing, and putting floral stones on each circle of the Inchworm sheet to finish the picture for one to one correspondence.

Inchworm Building- building the same pyramid pattern for spacial concept, and we'll be working with our Mighty Mind set- following the instruction cards with the shape manipulatives.

Clipboard work- tracing and writing I and 9 and circling all the I's in a Letter Hunt Worksheet.

Scavenger Hunt, filling the box with items around the house that begin with I.

Loving our second year with Erica's Letter of the Week Program at Confessions of a Homeschooler!


  1. We use letter of the week too! I nominated you for the versatile blogger award

  2. We also do letter of the week! I also nominated you for the versatile Blogger award.


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