Monday, October 3, 2011

Letter F Workboxes!

These are our workboxes for this week!  Letter F and Number 6 work.
To get the links and resources and to see the work in action, visit our Letter F week from last year HERE

Also, check out the books we read for Letter F week!   

Here are our Workboxes, all ready to go!

Review cards, Sandpaper Tactile Letters for finger tracing, F sound with LeapFrog Fridge Magnets, practice writing F f and 6 in the salt box.  Using F and 6 alphabet wipe-off cards and number wipe-off cards.

Alphie the robot learning F and 6, using the Letter Builders , and driving on Road F.

Using the fish bath mats' suction cups, Butterfly will practice fine motor skills, like balancing marbles on each suction cup, using tweezers to pick up a sparkle pom pom to put on each suction cup, using eye droppers and a water cup to put a drop of water in each suction cup.  And also in this box, a fish lacing card to practice fine motor and concentration by weaving the shoe string in and out of the holes.

Fish Builders- spacial concept, building the same fish pyramid; and a fish pre-writing laminated booklet with the wipe-off markers.

Sorting capital and lower case F's, and putting the numbered fish in numerical order.

Spelling fish in upper and lower case with the letter tiles, and doing a colour match-up fish puzzle.

Clipboard writing practice with a Pencil Grip for proper writing finger positioning.
And using Bendaroos to make F's.

Magnets on a baking sheet- a magnet on each circle on the F is for Fish sheet;  sorting fish sizes from large to small in a line-up;  counting fish- cutting out the numbers and gluing in the right answer to each group of fish.

Pattern sheet with cutting and gluing, Bingo dabbing F's, F is for fish colouring sheet, and Fish puzzle.

 Letter F Scavenger Hunt- filling the box with items around the house that start with F,  Melissa & Doug's Magnetic Fishing Puzzle, our Alphabet fishing game- using the puzzle's magnetic fishing rod- picking up the fish with metal paper clips,  and Fish Measuring sheet- using Fishy crackers!

Another fun Fishy Week! :)

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  1. My Boogie and I are doing the letter F this week, and are specifically focusing on fish and frogs, so it was fun to see what you guys did! You gave me some ideas, so thank you :)



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