Thursday, October 13, 2011

Feet in the Water Beads Bin!!

So a month ago, I posted our experience with our Water Beads Sensory Bin.  I had left the beads to hydrate overnight which was many hours, which made them too fragile and breakable with how much water they were holding.  I wanted to try this again, have a second go, so we bought four more packages of water beads (I found mine in the craft/floral section of Walmart- about 2 dollars each package).  This time I left them in water for the minimum 4 hours and that's it, drained the water.   I find the water beads are now tougher and don't break as easily!  Yay!

So after we had much fun in the bin with our friends, Butterfly and I couldn't resist,  a FOOT TEST!  Bare feet in the Water Bead Bin....  Best. Feeling. Ever.   So cool!!!

Of course Butterfly jumps in full body!  Gotta get the full experience!

So for a Water Bead Sensory Bin, I suggest 4 hours to hydrate only, and after hand play, try FEET PLAY!  You won't regret it! :)


  1. I love water beads! I love how they shrink back to their original size when you let them dry out! Yours match your blog....beautiful! They have a kids product called Orbeez and brag you can relax your feet in them (a spa)! I'm sure the price is much more! Check it out:
    So crazy!

  2. Omigosh! I just looked it up! Water Beads has been around for awhile used for vases and this company is marketing it for kids now! haha! The spa commercial made me laugh... kids being stressed? and why buy that whole fancy toy when all you can do is put the beads in a bin like we did, LOL!

  3. Am I safe to assume that these are reusable?
    Melissa (the first comment) mentioned the shrink back to original you just add water again?

    I would love to get some...I just want to make sure I can reuse them.


  4. Yes Angell! They are reusable. When you let them dry out they shrink back to the tiny bead they came in, then you can store them in a bag or containers. When you want to use them again, you just rehydrate them in the water again! :)


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