Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Waxy Creations!

We love playing with wax!  It requires more hand strength to mold it than a play dough (finger strength is great for the writing skills!) and it's fun to learn that it becomes easier to mold with the warmth of your hands.  It's a more natural material to play with.

This is Butterfly's finished creation out of wax!

We used a Beeswax Sheet and our Bendaroos sticks! (wax covered string)

Butterfly got to work right away.

I played with her and made a striped rock, Butterfly then added looped wax string and called them wings!  She immediately transformed my clump of wax into a bumble bee!  I helped her with the stinger.  She then wanted to make another larger striped rock for the bee to sit on.

I had fun making a braid out of three strings, she used it as the bee's "ponytail"!

Butterfly also added more looped wings on the rock platform (maybe they are the bee's "spare" ones, you never know, just in case!)

I taught Butterfly to roll the string, which made the spiral circles.  She added them on and said they were the bee's "plates" ... you know, for eating nectar! hehe

Oh how I love her imagination!  She can make anything, well, into anything!! :)

Wanna see some more fun things we've done with Wax?  Click HERE! 

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