Saturday, September 10, 2011

Time4Learning Review

For the last month, we have been enjoying interactive fun learning games and activities on the computer with Time4Learning.  They have a ton of educational games and activities for the preschool level up to grade eight.

There is a Lesson Overview for all the grades and they cover:
-Language Arts
-Social Studies

We reviewed the Preschool and Kindergarten level.

Butterfly loves having Computer Time, it wasn't daily as our schedule is always full, but when we had time for it, she definitely enjoyed it.  She loved hearing the stories, playing the games, and I could tell she was picking up skills with repetition. This is our second opportunity reviewing Time4Learning and this time around she grasped how to do the patterns game and a few of the others skills that she found tricky the last time.  Repetition in each themed category does help to pick up the learning concepts.

I love when they give her the choice, they ask her if she wants to play before it starts, with a green circle face saying "Yes" and a red circle face saying "No".  They also ask the child at the end of the game, with the same faces, if she wants to play it or hear it again.  The child answers by clicking on either the Yes face or the No face.

Butterfly still hasn't mastered the hand-on-mouse computer skill, it's tricky for her to coordinate one finger on the left side to click while positioning the arrow on the screen, so I enjoyed the games and stories with her as I clicked on her answers and at times had her practice by putting her hand on the mouse with mine.

There are a lot of learning themes in the levels we enjoyed, like shapes, weather, colours, farm, alphabet, food, feelings, tools, playground, sports, human body, in the garden, seasons, ect.  There are many themes!  And inside each theme there are quite a few activities such as a story, colouring, and different types of games all surrounded around the theme.

You can enjoy a Free Demo here.
If a parent is looking for an online learning series for their child, either for homeschooling or supplementing a school program, I would recommend Time4Learning, it definitely engaged my child and in reviewing it twice, I have seen progress in her understanding for the skills!

Disclosure: I received a free 30 day Trial for review on my blog. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.

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