Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our Ocean Activities

We just finished up our Ocean Unit, here are some of the additional activitives we did with our Lapbook.

I put together an activity tray for Butterfly, with suction cup fish (that are used in bathtubs).

Using a bowl of marbles and fine motor skills, Butterfly balances the marbles on the suction cups.

Butterfly and I worked on some Ocean Lacing cards, weaving shoe lace in and out.

We used our Ocean EyeLike Stickers book.  This book is amazing with pages and pages of real-life ocean creature stickers, the pages are even colour coordinated!

And we worked on puzzles together.

Butterfly picked out a mermaid-in-the-ocean picture,

in which she painted with water colours,

and decorated with many ocean stickers!

And why not gather up some backyard friends and play Ocean in a big backyard pool! :)

Next up, is our Ice Cream Unit!! Mmmmm!


  1. Great ocean activities! Preschoolers always seem to love the marbles (or beads) and suction cup activities, and the fish suction cups are especially fun! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page at

  2. Awesome! Thanks Deb! I love your site.

  3. Hi there! Love this fish suction cup activity and want to incorporate it at our preschool's fine motor table. Any ideas where I can find those fish for sale? Thanks!

    1. You can find these in the bath section of any store like Walmart and Target :)

  4. Great ideas! You can also use an eye dropper to fill the little suction cups with colored water.


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