Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Messy Squirts!

For the rest of the summer, I've scheduled in some "CMAP" time on our calendar, this stands for Crazy Messy Art Projects!  Summer is so short in Canada, so I have to take advantage of art projects that can be done in the backyard and with a garden hose to clean off on a hot day!  Butterfly invited a backyard friend to join and we started our first CMAP adventure today!

A roll of paper, and watered down children's paint in squirt bottles!! Oh ya baby!

Is that not the funkiest splatter art ever!!


 There were coloured pools of paint, so why not hike up the summer dress and walk through bare foot and see how it feels and prints!!

Spray down the children, spray down the lawn and voila!  Messy is easy!

"It's the process, not the product, that matters!" :)


  1. Fun! We do a version of this on the driveway (with slightly wider newsprint rolls) and ride bikes through the paint.

  2. Who doesn't love crazy messy art projects! Thanks for linking up to the We LOVE Paint linky party over at PreKandK Sharing!

  3. Looks like lots of fun! Shared here


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