Monday, August 29, 2011

Letter A Workboxes

We're "Back to Homeschool" schedule today!
We are going for round two of the awesome Letter of the Week program!

Since I treat my blog as a "Record" of the homeschooling work I do with Butterfly, this year I will be posting each week's Workboxes, and I'll always make references to the same letter post we did last year in which it has all the detailed photos of the work and all the links if you want to use the resources as well.

(Our workboxes.)

Through our weeks this year, there will be additional learning activities that I have planned for Butterfly, outside of the workboxes, which I will be posting those adventures/worksheets/resources/projects here too! :)

So we have started Letter A today!
You can refer to last year's detailed post of our Letter A work HERE.

Here's what's in our workboxes for this week:
(Sorry for the bad lighting in the photos, using my phone to take pictures at the moment as our camera has been mailed away for repair!)

Getting to know A again with flashcards, A sounds, finger tracing.

Lacing car, Road A, Peg board, Salt box, Alphie the robot

Sorting capitals and lower case A's, and magnetic pom pom sheet.

Counting games with dice.

Scissor practice, spelling sheets with the letter tiles, bingo dabbing A, push pin poking.

Printing practise and colouring sheets.

Size sorting, pattern sheet, ant matching puzzle.

Letter A puzzles, pre-writing booklet, circling A's story sheet, counting and matching ant cards.

Ant graphing, number hopscotch cards, matching shape cards.

 Learning about Apple Varieties and using the apple die cuts to write capital and lower case A on them all by herself!

The Life Cycle of an Apple file folder is from Montessori for Everyone.

In our new schedule, each day before we start the workboxes, we are including Calendar Time and Daily Journal time first!

The Calendar Time will help with learning the date, days of the week, months, seasons, weather. 

Journaling will be learning to write the date (which I do for her at this age), and learning to journal something each day.  So for Butterfly, it could be a picture, practising writing letters and numbers, her name, or having me write a story or entry that she wants to record.  I also bought a journal for myself, so as she is creating her daily page entry, I will do the same!  In my book, it will be a compilation of notes and letters to Butterfly from me! Telling her what we did in our day, her progression, little love notes, how proud I am of her, ect.  At the end of the year, we'll tie them together and put them in her Memory Box as a special keepsake from our 2011-2012 School year together!


  1. very cute ideas-and great for the workboxes for sure. Love your blog-

  2. Where did you find the pegboard? Love your blog!

    1. Here's where I got it:


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