Wednesday, August 31, 2011


You've got to know what Goop is!  Fabulous fabulous Goop!!

A bin, Corn Starch and Water!  That's it!

I dumped the whole box of it in and added water until it got to where I liked it, 
basically half and half. 
(I don't like to use food colouring with this, I have tried to colour it in the past, 
but it stains the hands!!)

When handling the Goop roughly and fast, it acts as a solid where you can get clumps and crumbles and even form a ball!

But if you treat the Goop slowly, it acts like a liquid, it will run off and slime through your hands!

It dries on your hands like a crumbly powder which you can brush off, or just wash off with a bit of water.

 Let your hands sink into it really slowly!  If you try to move your hands out really fast, you'll get stuck!  Move slower and they will slime right out!

Goop is a must-try!  I love this sensory bin and so does Butterfly!


  1. We have done this one too! And my kids LOVE it. It is a great sensory activity.
    And for the older kids it's great for science. Having them try to explain how something can be a solid and a liquid.

  2. Wow! I'm definitely going to have to try that with my two year old. I've been looking for fun things we can do like this that won't stain/wreck all of her pretty clothes

    Ellie @ Mammy Made


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