Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ponds - Sensory Bin and File Folder Games

Here are some more Pond activities that are keeping Butterfly busy this week! 

I set up a Pond Sensory Bin, with lots of little frogs and turtles, rocks, plastic toy tree tops (for pond greenery) and homemade lilly pads (laminated green card) in water.  We talked about what floats and what sinks during play!

Montessori Print Shop's Frog Match Up which I made into a file folder game.

(not specifically "pond" related, but still nature based; and hey, you can find ponds in forests right! :)
This game is sorting plants from animals, and putting them in the right category.

We've been on some Pond Adventures this week and found some interesting finds!  Will be sharing our photos next! Stay tuned! :)

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