Monday, July 4, 2011

Ponds Lapbook

We have started a Ponds Unit!  Ponds and bugs- frogs and turtles and lilly pads- all that fun stuff you tend to explore in the Summertime!

Here is the Pond Lapbook that I've made for Butterfly to work on!

(Yes, the student usually does the activities first before gluing them into their lapbook, but since Butterfly is still young, I am the maker of her lapbooks and then she works in them.  I look forward to the day she will be creating her own Lapbooks! :))

All the resources to these Pond activities are listed below!

Creating her own pond, on the back of the Lapbook. Colouring the animals, cutting them out, gluing them on.  I included some fun dragonfly and bug stickers to add to the scene!

Inside the Lapbook...

In the My Name pocket, each card has a letter of Butterfly's name, she is to organize the cards side by side to spell her name.

I found so much great stuff on Ponds, that we have an additional folder of more great worksheets and games!

On the front and back of the folder- charting games, one uses a pinwheel and one uses a cube!  Chart each bug or animal you roll or spin, talk about who has more and who has less; it practises using a chart format and data collection for graphing purposes.  

Grid Games... Roll the die, count the number rolled, place markers on that many lilly pads (or frogs), until the board is full.  Encourage row by row, left to right, as the child marks them off.

Look at all these great worksheets, I'm thankful for these online homeschooling moms who give out their hard work for free! :)

Butterfly has already started!

What does a frog eat?  I glued on the frog from 2 Teaching Mommies on a recycled frame box, and cut the mouth open, and glued on fun googly eyes.

I printed the bugs it came with, on cardstock, and laminated them, Butterfly and her friends had fun "feeding" the frog his lunch!  They were getting to know what a frog eats!

On the back of the box, I printed out and glued the life cycle of a frog with a turning arrow.

Here are all the great Resources that made our Pond Unit fabulous!


  1. This is great! Thanks for posting your ideas!

  2. Great lapbook! Inspiring. We we going to do frogs but Ponds would be even better. You might like our Free Bible Lessons & Lapbooks at and peek into our new Lapbooks


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