Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunshiny Crafts!

Here are some sunshiny crafts to get a happy summer started!

We took a paper plate and painted it yellow.  Then I traced Butterfly's hand on a twice folded yellow piece of paper, cutting out four of her hands instantly.  Doing this a few times to get enough rays around her sun.

We then glued her hands all around her sun for sun rays, and added a cute sunshiny face!

Here's our Sunflower...

We used the same format as the sun craft, with a paper plate.  We cut out two yellow shaded petals out of paper and glued them around the back of the plate.  Butterfly used real Sunflower seeds and glued them all in the middle of the plate- just like a real Sunflower!

Our creations are up on our Art Wall!

And this is Butterfly's Sunflower plant that she has started to grow...

We went to a friend's Spring birthday party and the loot bags at the end of the party was a little flower pot, a bag of dirt and a package of Sunflower seeds, I thought it was a brilliant idea!

Our Sunflowers are ready to be transplanted in our backyard so we can enjoy it's fullness come end of Summer.

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  1. Such a fun idea with the sunflower made of handprints!


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