Friday, June 3, 2011

The Last of our Review Work!

Here are the last of our Review work activities.  Reviewing our numbers, counting, shapes, and letters.

The Ultimate Counting Book!

Excellent for reviewing shape names and colours.

I got these number cards from HERE, printed on card and laminated,

Butterfly used a wipe off marker to circle the answer after counting the objects.

Counting pages from HERE, using floral stones to mark counting.

Number cards from HERE also,

Butterfly matched the numbered clothespins to the cards.  We also placed pom poms on each dot on the card while counting, it helps Butterfly visually recognize the amount of something beside the written number.

Seeing, Tracing, Making number sheets from HERE.

These letter reivew sheets are from

Matching upper case letters with their lower case letters by drawing lines.  I would say Butterfly knows the "Mommy and Baby" pairs really well now.

Circling the right answer in each box, the lower case letter that matches the upper case.

These pages are in a row format.

 These are Consonant Cards from Homeschool Creations, practising the sounds of the letters.

And Homeschool Creations' new printing cards, in which I laminated for continuous wipe-off use.

They even have added fun pages.

I plan to pack these in the car for car rides.  Something for Butterfly to do while we are on the go but still practising her hand writing and letters! :)

I would say that Butterfly has officially passed her Preschool/ PreK first Homeschool year!  Yay!!  Come Fall this year, she will focus on PreK/ Kinder work.

Now we get to the freer fun stuff!  All the fun lapbooking/ theme activities that I have been stocking up on, plus Interest-Led learning all summer.  Following Butterfly's interests and building upon them!  More "freelancing" during the summer, but still learning, and still having fun with more activities to post!

We are loving our Homeschooling decision! :))


  1. Wow! What great learning activities. I love the counting pages with the floral gems. Very cool!

  2. I need to laminate more - thanks for the pics

  3. Thanks for sharing all these resources with the Play Academy.

  4. Catching up on some neglected links. Thanks for linking up at Feed Me Books Friday! I've been looking for some number practice - what great suggestions! Thanks for all the resources!


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