Thursday, June 16, 2011

Feelings Count!

Here is our next Lapbook Unit!  We've been discovering themes in the start of our summer, subjects that Butterfly has shown interest in.  Lapbooks are a fun way to log our unit and discover our theme, while still practising the basic skills needed for kindergarten.

I found these great printables from 1+1+1=1 and  2 Teaching Mommies

Butterfly will get to draw her feeling, creating her face, in the big main empty circle.

 Butterfly will be colouring these faces.

A flip book.

Two of every kind in this pocket for a matching game.

A feelings book.

Asking scenario questions and how that person would feel in that situation, using the different faces on the bodies.

The back of the lapbook.

It unfolds down.

Graphing the feelings using the spin wheel on the other side.

Colouring and Counting worksheet.
I have some face stickers like these and  these and these and these, which I will be letting Butterfly decorate her lapbook with by sticking them all over her Lapbook folder! :)

I made these printables with cardstock and magnets for matching.  I took off all the top cards, placing them to the side, and Butterfly matched up the feelings fish as we discussed each of the different types of feelings.

These are the books we've been reading to go along with our Feelings Theme.

 The Grumpy Morning,  Franklin's Bad Day, Oh, Bother! Someone's Grumpy, A Difficult Day, The Good Bad Day

 Winnie the Pooh- Believe in Yourself, Each One Special, All by Myself


Once a child knows how to label their feelings, and obtains outside validation and allowance for their feelings, it makes it easier for them to learn to problem solve in situations that aren't going perfectly.  Learning feelings also helps them practise empathy for others, when they can recognize what other's are going through.

Remember, feelings count! :)


  1. AWESOME book! I too have the Way I Feel book. :-) It is so important for children to learn about their feelings and be able to identify them. Happy Friday!

  2. What a great way for children to learn about feeling and how to expess them.

    This counts as an entry in the June Edition of the Read.Explore.Learn. Reading Challenge.

  3. I love the lapbook, great ideas and books to learn ablot feeling.I would love it if you linked up to Book Sharing Monday on my blog.

  4. Wow, what a great unit on feelings. We read some of the books on your list and enjoyed them all. The Way I Feel together with My Many Colored Days are our favorites. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

  5. Love it! Thanks for sharing!


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