Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bean Plant Experiment!

We have not fallen off the Blogging Planet, we are still here!  It's Summer, what can I say?  We are enjoying the sunshine and the warm weather and our time together as a family!  So our posts will be a little more sporadic during these summer months as I'll continue to post some of the activities we are doing in our free time!

We've been learning about plants! For the last 4 weeks almost, we've been growing a Bean Plant experiment!

One of Butterfly's sensory bins is filled with Soya Beans, so we took a few of these raw beans and put them in water over night.  By morning, the beans expanded in size a little bit.

Then we lined a clear glass with wet paper towels, placing the beans about a third to half way down right along the side of the glass so we can watch the process.  We watched the beans turn from their beige colour to a dark green, and grow to a larger bean size!  Then they sprouted, the roots grow first and then a stem starts to climb up and leaves then appear.  I made sure the paper towels were kept moist and and we kept the glass in constant sunlight on the window sill.

And ta-da! We have bean plants now! With lots of roots!  Butterfly and I are going to plant these in our backyard to continue watching the process, and hopefully it produces more beans to show Butterfly this plant life cycle!

Here is a great Plant Worksheet that we used where you can label the parts of a plant and colour the picture!

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