Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bean Plant Experiment!

We have not fallen off the Blogging Planet, we are still here!  It's Summer, what can I say?  We are enjoying the sunshine and the warm weather and our time together as a family!  So our posts will be a little more sporadic during these summer months as I'll continue to post some of the activities we are doing in our free time!

We've been learning about plants! For the last 4 weeks almost, we've been growing a Bean Plant experiment!

One of Butterfly's sensory bins is filled with Soya Beans, so we took a few of these raw beans and put them in water over night.  By morning, the beans expanded in size a little bit.

Then we lined a clear glass with wet paper towels, placing the beans about a third to half way down right along the side of the glass so we can watch the process.  We watched the beans turn from their beige colour to a dark green, and grow to a larger bean size!  Then they sprouted, the roots grow first and then a stem starts to climb up and leaves then appear.  I made sure the paper towels were kept moist and and we kept the glass in constant sunlight on the window sill.

And ta-da! We have bean plants now! With lots of roots!  Butterfly and I are going to plant these in our backyard to continue watching the process, and hopefully it produces more beans to show Butterfly this plant life cycle!

Here is a great Plant Worksheet that we used where you can label the parts of a plant and colour the picture!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day Surprise Balloons!

It's Father's Day on Sunday!
Butterfly and I decided to a make a Father's Day Balloon Surprise!

We wrote little notes of special things we are going to do with Daddy on Father's Day.

We gathered some balloons and ribbons in "Daddy Colours" and painter's tape to tape them up.

I rolled up each note and put a note in each balloon and then blew up the balloons.
(You can see a rolled up note inside this blue balloon.)

After tying ribbons on the balloons, I hung them up in a row.

Next, we found our Giant Push Pins  , Butterfly picked the colour she wanted for Daddy, and I tied some ribbon on it to make it the Honorary Push Pin!

Come Sunday morning, Butterfly's Daddy will get to the POP the balloons and read the sweet love notes inside and find out what we will be doing together on his special day!

Combine that with cupcakes and a homemade card from Butterfly, and I think he'll be one happy Daddy! :)

Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Feelings Count!

Here is our next Lapbook Unit!  We've been discovering themes in the start of our summer, subjects that Butterfly has shown interest in.  Lapbooks are a fun way to log our unit and discover our theme, while still practising the basic skills needed for kindergarten.

I found these great printables from 1+1+1=1 and  2 Teaching Mommies

Butterfly will get to draw her feeling, creating her face, in the big main empty circle.

 Butterfly will be colouring these faces.

A flip book.

Two of every kind in this pocket for a matching game.

A feelings book.

Asking scenario questions and how that person would feel in that situation, using the different faces on the bodies.

The back of the lapbook.

It unfolds down.

Graphing the feelings using the spin wheel on the other side.

Colouring and Counting worksheet.
I have some face stickers like these and  these and these and these, which I will be letting Butterfly decorate her lapbook with by sticking them all over her Lapbook folder! :)

I made these printables with cardstock and magnets for matching.  I took off all the top cards, placing them to the side, and Butterfly matched up the feelings fish as we discussed each of the different types of feelings.

These are the books we've been reading to go along with our Feelings Theme.

 The Grumpy Morning,  Franklin's Bad Day, Oh, Bother! Someone's Grumpy, A Difficult Day, The Good Bad Day

 Winnie the Pooh- Believe in Yourself, Each One Special, All by Myself


Once a child knows how to label their feelings, and obtains outside validation and allowance for their feelings, it makes it easier for them to learn to problem solve in situations that aren't going perfectly.  Learning feelings also helps them practise empathy for others, when they can recognize what other's are going through.

Remember, feelings count! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Springtime Lapbook

Butterfly has been working on her Springtime Lapbook.  This lapbook's theme is Spring, Birds, and Gardening.

To get started on this unit, a month ago, we planted Sunflower seeds in a pot which then we transplanted the new plants to our backyard (we can't wait to see if this plant will bring us flowers at the end of the summer!)  Butterfly is also learning about gardening and how plants grow from our bean plant experiment we started about a week ago.  We put some wet soya beans from our sensory bin, in a clear glass with wet paper towel layers.  We've been watching the beans change shape and colour and the roots grow like crazy down to the bottom of the glass!  Now we are seeing tiny leaf sprouts that are ready to reach up from some of the beans.  It's been a very fun experiment in learning how seeds change into plants!

Here is the Lapbook I have put together for Butterfly's activities.

I collected songs, poems, and fingerplays on our theme, and wrote each one on index cards.  We review and sing them often.

A mini book on Gardening words, a mini book on Bird words, practising writing bird words, a flip book on the cycle of a bean plant growing; and a cutting exercise in which it makes grass blades for the bugs when folded up!

 I glued (rubber cement) two file folders together to make more space for more mini books.
These mini books include colours, counting, circle the difference, matching upper case letters with lower case letters, and a puzzle envelope.

In the puzzle envelope are the bird numbered puzzle pieces, using velcro to close when folded over.

These stapled worksheets are to practise matching upper case with their lower case, in Spring storm clouds.

A mini book for colouring each bird the colour indicated.

 I found so many great activities that I had to make a work book as well.

I glue sticked pages in, which filled up the work book!

Pre-writing skills practise.

Seeing, Tracing, Making with Spring words.

 Writing a Kite Adventure story (Butterfly dictates a story about kites of her own out loud while I write it down for her.)

Practising the Letter B for birds and colouring bird houses with warm and cool colours.

Reading a bird poem and then drawing a bird picture to go with it.

Sorting birds and birdhouses while practising cutting and gluing.

Matching rhyming words, using bird and gardening words.

The last page I folded a brown piece of paper to make creased folds of rows, then glued it into the back page of the workbook.  Butterfly is going to plant her own vegetable garden, by first planting seeds- using a black marker, drawing seeds down each row in a line.  Then in the green envelope I printed out 6 different vegetables, 6 of each.  Butterfly will sort them, glue them in rows of each kind, on top of her seeds, just like a vegetable garden!

I store the workbook inside the file folders like this.

On the back of the file folders are two "book report" worksheets, glued on the folder.  First she practises writing her name, then after we read a Spring time or Gardening story we write a little book report on it.  There's room for two book reports.  She will relay her answers out loud and I will write them down for her (since she doesn't write yet :)

Here's a file folder game we played...

Bird Matching!

Here are the books we are using for this Unit:

 The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

 Berenstain Bears: We Like Kites

 The Ugly Duckling and Eggs and Chicks by Usborne books

 Caillou: Goes Birdwatching

 The Friendship Garden  and A Surprise Garden

My First Garden Book

Here are the resource sites where I got these fabulous printables and worksheets from, click on them and they are linked directly to the free printables I used.

Homeschool Creations- Spring Pack

Homeschool Creations- Bird Pack

Our Little Monkeys

2 Teaching Mommies


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