Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Washing Day!

We took a bit of an Easter week off last week from school work, from all the work Butterfly and I've done with our Letter of the Week curriculum.  This week, we started some Alphabet Review work.  To review the alphabet as a whole now.  And lately, Butterfly has been interested in Sign Language, creating letters with her hands and fingers, asking me how to make a certain letter, as she knows that I have signed the alphabet to her more than once.  Now her interest has peeked more on this subject.

I pulled out our Sign Language Alphabet cards, I love these because of the real life hand pictures that the Montessori method uses.

I had these printed on card and laminated.

Butterfly and I went through the whole Alphabet and she practised each letter, copying my hands.  Which is great eye-hand coordination, to copy someone else's hands and manipulate their own fingers to make their hand look the same.

Youtube "sign language alphabet" and you get some great videos with songs showing each letter in sign language, like this one.

We also reviewed the alphabet by making a clothesline on our white board.  I got the printouts from HERE.  They are printed on card and laminated.  We hung them up with mini clothespins, putting the clothes in alphabetical order.

Then using our Hand Pointer Butterfly recited the alphabet and enjoyed naming the different types of clothing.

Butterfly got really into the clothesline activity that we decided to create our own!
We found a pile of doll clothes and little blankets and Butterfly pretended that a big bucket was the washing machine... which then she transferred the pile into her laundry wicker basket after her "wash"  :)

We tied up a long rope, gave Butterfly a container of clothespins, and let her go nuts in her imagination world!

She got busy hanging up her clothes, practising that fine motor skill of pinching the clothespins to hang clothing on a line.

Butterfly wiped her brow in a dramatic way, and said, "Phew, laundry is hard work!"  and she went in cycles of washing, drying, on the line, off the line, in the basket, out of the basket... I think little Butterfly realized the hard work her Mommy and Daddy do for daily laundry. haha!!

If she loves laundry this much... hmmm, a third laundry doer in the household would be great!! :))

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  1. Love it! I can't wait to get Chyenne back into signs. She knew a TON of baby sign language before a year old and once she started talking, she refused to sign with me anymore. :(

  2. This looks like lots of fun! :) Both mimicking and hanging cloth!

    We have a linky named High paw (up each Friday) where other parents add activities and crafts for toddlers. Would love to see you participate with your posts! :)

  3. The real world washing experience looks like fun!


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