Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Upper and Lower Case Alphabet Activities!

Here are some more of our Alphabet Review activities that have kept Butterfly on her toes! :)

LeapFrog Phonics Magnets - Matching the lower case letters on top of the upper case on a Leap Frog poster, on the fridge.

Butterfly used the letter machine to hear the letter and it's sound before placing it on the map.

I printed these on cardstock, laminated them, and attached them together with a ring to make a booklet.

Butterfly used wipe-off markers, and circled the lower case letter that matches the upper case letter.

We played with this Alphabet Puzzle.

With these cards from Prekinders, we matched the correct picture, that started with the letter on the card.

This is a file folder game I put together...

... where you can put the words in alphabetical order.  We did just one side together and Butterfly actually got the hang of it, even though she can't read the words yet, she looked at the first letter of the word and matched it up to it's letter on the alphabetical chart.

For this file folder game, I used these printables and made it into a file folder game.

First, Butterfly said the alphabet pointing to each letter.

Then she matched the lower case letters on top of the upper cases.  She enjoyed saying the caterpillar turned into a butterfly, as the lower cases had the caterpillars and the upper cases had the butterflies on them (this printable is themed to The Very Hungry Caterpillar).

And these ones I had made awhile ago, free hand, following Letter A's idea from Confessions'.

Sorting the capital letters from the lower case letters.

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