Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review Games

Here are the some of the games we've been playing that have been reviewing our letters, numbers, and shapes all together.

We played Fishing For Letters!  Printed on cardstock, laminated, and cut out, a metal paperclip attached to each fish's nose, and we used our Melissa & Doug fishing rod from our puzzle to fish for letters.

When Butterfly caught a fish, she had to tell me what letter she caught, if she didn't know the letter she had to throw it back into the "ocean" (blue blanket).  I took note and wrote down the few she didn't name during this game.

To make your own fishing rod:  a stick, string, and magnet at the end of the string!

Butterfly worked on another alphabet sticker sheet...

...matching the letters.

We worked with Alphie Robot and it's Letter Booster Pack.

We also worked with Alphie Robot's Number Booster Pack.  Great games for alphabet and number review work!

We used these shape mat printables (laminated) and Play-doh to make the shapes by placing the Play-doh on the lines, reviewing what each shape looks like while making them, and saying their name.

I wrote lower cases on clothespins and I worked with Butterfly to match the lower cases with the upper cases.  She also practiced the finger and thumb pinching of the clothespins to put them in the right place on the disk.

Also, matching the letters the other way around.

You can also just match upper case with upper case and lower with lower.  But, this being a review after our Letter of the Week curriculum, I was taking note of which upper and lower pairs Butterfly remembered and could match together.

This disk also came with a picture printable, which I think Butterfly could accomplish next year after our second round with the Letter of the Week curriculum.
It's matching the picture with the first letter it starts with, for example putting the A clothespin on the ant hill picture.

Confessions also has Number Disks matching numbered clothespins on the right amount of dots.

We still have lots more Review Games coming up!

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  1. I really like your fish magnet game!

  2. Thanks Katie! :) It's one of Butterfly's favourites, for sure!

  3. Love all the games, i like the circle ones, fun! Bookmarked! :)

  4. Excellent game idea. Your daughter is doing great. When will you work on reading words? I think at that stage also she will get a great refresher of letter sounds/names again and at the same time, she will be learning to read words. She will feel more challenged once she is brought to the next level. Great job to both of you! God Bless

  5. Where do you get these great ideas???

  6. Thanks Kimberly! The activities are mostly linked, as much as I can remember, I link the activities where you can find the printables to make them too!

  7. I love this! Great ideas! :)
    I'm with you Rockabye...working on phonics is the best at this age. Chyenne just turned 3 and we are still learning all of the sounds letters make. She can "read" several letters together by their sounds, but it's more phonics work than words. You should check out my most recent blog post... flat fish! :)


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