Monday, May 9, 2011

MTM & Alphabet Review Activities!

It's Muffin Tin Monday!  And we actually did make ours for Monday's Lunch this time! :)

We made two muffin tin meals for Butterfly and her toddler friend!

We had whole wheat toast cut into a flower shape with a heart cheese in the middle, mashed sweet potatoes, cucumber slices, macaroni salad, chicken pieces, and watermelon!

The girls were ready to gobble it all up! They always seem to eat more when it's fancy and pretty looking too! :)

Check out some more meals here:
Muffin Tin Monday at

Since finishing our Letter of the Week curriculum, we've been reviewing the Alphabet as a whole.  Here's some Alphabet Review activities that we've been doing so far...

An activity tray I put together for Butterfly, with letters, for practicing scissor skills.  In turn, it created alphabet cards for her to play with.

I used these Crayola Alphabet Stickers I picked up from Walmart in the children's craft aisle.

I made strips of card, with pencil lines as a guide for cutting.

Butterfly cut up the alphabet cards, aiming them into the wooden box on the tray,

which then gave the girls Alphabet cards to play with.  They had created their own game, but lifting up a card and saying the letter out loud.

These laminated Alphabet sheets from Confessions' were on our kitchen table as a review for Butterfly to look at when she ate at the table, during our Letter of the Week program.  I used these to create a matching activity with letter tiles.

Using our Bananagrams, Butterfly matched the letter tiles to the letters on the sheets.

Then we got out our Alphabet Blocks Wagon.

 We put them in alphabetical order...

...and said the ABC's with our Hand Pointer.

We did some alphabet floor puzzles too...

 And we read Elmo's ABC's book which is a really cute book that goes through the alphabet, Elmo is so undecided on what his favourite letter is! :)

Our workboxes are so full of Alphabet (and number and shapes) Review activities! 
More to come!

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  1. I'm impressed you made two tins!
    Lots of alphabet fun :-)

  2. I love the hearts in the flowers. Wow! Two lunches is amazing.

  3. I love your muffin tins. They look really yummy. And so bright and springy. I think we have the same flower cutter. I used mine last week for our April Showers Bring May Flowers tin.
    Love the cutting activity!

  4. Your muffin tin meal looks so colorful and yummy too!

  5. tried to leave a comment but got an error...
    love this!
    happy monday!

  6. Your posts are so amazing and crafty. Love the lunches...summer is coming, I'm going to have to start making 4 again lol

  7. Fun week!! Great activities.

    just popping from tot school.

  8. They do eat more when it's pretty, don't they? Making a MTM for a playdate with a friend is a great idea. Might have to do that one day when The Muffin finally has a friend from kindy over to play!

  9. Hi! I'm Sara, Mom to Gabriel age 2, contemplating homeschooling. Just found your blog via Circle of Moms. Those muffin tins are adorable! And I love your letter activity tray. :)


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