Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Letter and Number Review Activities!

Here are some more Alphabet and Number Reviews that have kept us busy.

We bought a pack seashells from the dollar store and wrote each letter of the alphabet on each one, put some aquarium sand in a bin, and placed the shells in a row...

turning them over one by one, Butterfly practiced naming each letter.  
A great activity for nearing Summer!

I also wrote numbers on more seashells for this tray...

Butterfly counted out the correct number of beads to put in each numbered shell.
I now have a package of pearls (found at the dollar store also) which I will have out for this activity- more appropriate- pearls in a seashell! :)

Another fun summer alphabet/number review activity, is to use beach balls!  I had bought a pack of two beach balls for a dollar at our dollar store.

I used a Sharpie marker to write all the letters on it.

I made a number ball as well.

There are all sorts of games that can be played with these balls, like throwing the ball back and forth and the first letter or number that is in front of Butterfly, when caught, she would name it.

Another letter sticker sheet that Butterfly did, by matching the letters.

A number review file folder game using this download, Butterfly used magnetic numbers and floral stones to fill in the boxes for each count.

Butterfly practiced with shapes using our homemade rubbing transfers again.

To make these, I just cut up cardboard, drew the shape and then used a hot glue gun over the shape lines to make the shapes raised.

Then we put a piece of paper on top, using a crayon on it's side (with no paper on it, these Melissa & Doug Triangular Crayons work perfectly!) and rub on the paper over the bumpy shape surface.  The shape then appears!

Using our star pan and magnetic foam shapes, Butterfly sorted the shapes.  All the squares together in one star, triangles in another, ect.



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  1. I really like the sea shell idea! I'm going to stash that away for later.

  2. We *just* finished a beach theme...I wish I had seen this post when it was published : ( Next time!

  3. So many great ideas here! I don't know which to try first!:)

  4. I was wondering on the 'number review file folder game' if you've considered adding a 0 or making one that is 0 through 9. I saw part of a Math U See video and he talked about numbers 0 - 9

    1. These are made by Maybe one day soon I will make number printables to add to my printable list. I agree, starting at 0 is more appropriate.

  5. when I try to download the 'number review file folder game', it is wanting me to download something before I can get to that printable, do you know if this is OK to click on? Or is some kind of virus or do something to mess up my computer? and then a different one that showed up is

    1. Here's the proper link for that printable WiJoyMom: You can find the sheets on this page and click on her link to download them. is a safe link for downloading printables. Enjoy! :)


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