Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Review Work

We've been having a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom kinda day!

Erica has some great Coconut Tree Review Sheets that we printed out.

Call out the letters (or numbers for the number tree) and have the child use a Bingo Dabber to dab each letter called out.  I had a pad and pen with me, listing all the ones that Butterfly knew and got right which I will be recording in a preschool assessment record for our files.

I printed What Colour Is The Tree? booklet from Carisa's site.

Butterfly coloured each tree it's appropriate colour, and then was able to "read" me her book!

We helped our toddler friend complete a Colouring Animals booklet that goes along with the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

So we threw in some more colour practice which Butterfly knows them all by heart, but it helped our friend learn and reinforce them, and it created easy books for Butterfly to read on her own to us!

We still have quite a few alphabet and number review activities to do in our workboxes, and then I have lots of theme work/ lapbooking activities that I have been printing and piling up for our June fun together!


  1. So fun! My two LOVE the bingo dot markers. They could use them for hours. Recently, I set them up with various little worksheets and their dot markers, naming off animals and shapes for Cohen to dot (21 months) and named off numbers and letters that the picture started with for Chyenne (just turned 3)... they had a blast!

  2. A and I love "What Colour Is..." booklets too :) I'll have to print off the Brown Bear one for her!

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    Following you on Twitter ;-)

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


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