Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Upper and Lower Case Alphabet Activities!

Here are some more of our Alphabet Review activities that have kept Butterfly on her toes! :)

LeapFrog Phonics Magnets - Matching the lower case letters on top of the upper case on a Leap Frog poster, on the fridge.

Butterfly used the letter machine to hear the letter and it's sound before placing it on the map.

I printed these on cardstock, laminated them, and attached them together with a ring to make a booklet.

Butterfly used wipe-off markers, and circled the lower case letter that matches the upper case letter.

We played with this Alphabet Puzzle.

With these cards from Prekinders, we matched the correct picture, that started with the letter on the card.

This is a file folder game I put together...

... where you can put the words in alphabetical order.  We did just one side together and Butterfly actually got the hang of it, even though she can't read the words yet, she looked at the first letter of the word and matched it up to it's letter on the alphabetical chart.

For this file folder game, I used these printables and made it into a file folder game.

First, Butterfly said the alphabet pointing to each letter.

Then she matched the lower case letters on top of the upper cases.  She enjoyed saying the caterpillar turned into a butterfly, as the lower cases had the caterpillars and the upper cases had the butterflies on them (this printable is themed to The Very Hungry Caterpillar).

And these ones I had made awhile ago, free hand, following Letter A's idea from Confessions'.

Sorting the capital letters from the lower case letters.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Book Review

Butterfly and I received two new books for a book review.  We get excited for new books and started reading them the day we got them!

Book Summary:  Not far from here lives The Rose Princess in a kingdom ruled by her father the King. One morning she awakes to find a splendid package at the end of her bed full of gifts and a card from her father encouraging her to use the gifts wisely. Unaware of what lies ahead, the princess sets out on a journey of learning and adventure where she meets several people who are in need. Suddenly she realizes that the gifts she has received can help the others, and that she has to make a choice…keep the gifts to herself, or help others by giving the gifts away.

When I read this book, I saw the symbolism of the King being our God the Father, giving us our gifts that are unique to each of us; and the princess, as myself, His child.  I like that this book is a character building book, building qualities such as generosity and sharing and giving away what you have in order to help people in need.  They learn that with a positive attitude and a giving heart, you can really impact someone else's life in a great Godly way; so I like the lessons in this book.

My daughter loved the pictures in this book, the bright look, and she loves all things princesses!  The book went through emotions- happiness, empathy, sadness... and it seemed like my daughter was feeling each emotion as it went along according to her facial features during the read and her comments along the way.  I can conclude that it definitely captivated my 3.5 year old's attention!

Book Summary:  Temba is a boy who has many dreams. Owning a bicycle, and living in a safe neighborhood are two of his dreams. Temba’s favorite dream is to visit the ocean. He longs to hear the sound of the crashing waves and to taste the salty water. One day he enters a contest. The prize is a trip to the seaside by train! Temba believes in the Dream Giver; but as with any dream, he learns that obstacles may arise that threaten to steal a dream away.

When I read this book, I assumed the Dream Giver was God.  Temba lives in a poor neighbourhood with not much and uses his dreams to carry him away to a better place.  He dreams of visiting the seaside and asks the "Dream Giver" to have his dreams come true.  It teaches that sometimes dreams can come true, and it seems to be a book to encourage children to keep dreaming because big things can happen when you dream.  A good character building lesson in this book I would say is "holding hope".  Even when Temba thought he failed, he was upset, but he still held hope, still dreamed and woke up happy.  It reminds me of when we go through rough times in our lives, we still hold onto hope, to our Faith, which in turn keeps us positive.  And sometimes, when it's according to His plan, dreams do come true! Which is a good lesson to teach after the book is read.

My daughter liked this book because she is a true beach baby and loves the beach!  This book had the beach in it! :)  I'm not sure she grasped the full message in this book at 3.5 years old, but I am for sure going to be referring to this book also, later on when we will be working on more extensive Character Studies together in the future.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Review Work

We've been having a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom kinda day!

Erica has some great Coconut Tree Review Sheets that we printed out.

Call out the letters (or numbers for the number tree) and have the child use a Bingo Dabber to dab each letter called out.  I had a pad and pen with me, listing all the ones that Butterfly knew and got right which I will be recording in a preschool assessment record for our files.

I printed What Colour Is The Tree? booklet from Carisa's site.

Butterfly coloured each tree it's appropriate colour, and then was able to "read" me her book!

We helped our toddler friend complete a Colouring Animals booklet that goes along with the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

So we threw in some more colour practice which Butterfly knows them all by heart, but it helped our friend learn and reinforce them, and it created easy books for Butterfly to read on her own to us!

We still have quite a few alphabet and number review activities to do in our workboxes, and then I have lots of theme work/ lapbooking activities that I have been printing and piling up for our June fun together!

Wordless Wednesday!

Dandelion Crown a friend made for Butterfly :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Some of our latest Spring Activities

Here are some more activities that have been keeping us busy.

A Soya bean sensory bin... scooping, filling, pouring, measuring, feeling.

Sorting these three sized magnets, on a baking pan, by size and then by colour.

Rock Painting!  ...which is very relaxing!

We decorated our gardens with them!

It's been a very wet Spring here, so there has been a lot of Puddle Splashing! :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Colour Practicing

Here are some Colour Activities we have completed to reinforced colour names and sorting.

Cutting different coloured squares, I glued down the first ones in rainbow order, on a line-drawn paper.

Butterfly sorted the colours and glued them within it's right colour lane, also reinforcing graphing and charting skills.

Sorting coloured pom poms.

I set up this paper with a pile of coloured stickers...

...Butterfly sorted the stickers in it's right colour box.

 Using this Colour Grid printable with the colour words on it, Butterfly glued coloured paper squares again in line order, using sorting and charting.

I drew a rainbow and gave Butterfly coloured hole reinforcement stickers, she matched the circles to the right colour on the rainbow.

With a jar from the recycling bin, I punched holes in the lid and used coloured hole reinforcement stickers to label each hole a colour.  I cut up the same colour in pipe cleaners and straws.

Butterfly colour-matched the sticks to the right hole, poking them through in the jar for some great fine motor skills.  She did this activity more when she was a toddler, and even though it's easy for her now, she still enjoys it.

We make them into file folder games that Butterfly can revisit and practice over and over again.

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