Thursday, April 21, 2011

Y and Z, our last week!

Wow!  We finished it!  Butterfly finished The Letter of Week curriculum!

We completed our last two letters, Y and Z, here's what we did:

LeapFrog Fridge Magnets- learning the sounds and singing the letter songs.

Flashcards, finding out what starts with Y and Z.

Stickered the next letters and numbers on our Review Charts.

Our charts are now full and complete!!

Tracing the Sandpaper Tactile Letters to feel upper and lower case Y and Z.

Writing Y and Z in the Paint bag.

Practicing Y and Z in the Salt Box.

Alphie the Robot teaching us Letters Y and Z.

Driving (and tracing) on Roads Y and Z.

Peg Board and coloured elastic bands, making letters Y and Z.
First I help Butterfly shape the letters on the peg board, then she fills in the elastic band lines with pegs to complete the letters... as her sweet friend helps along :)

The next pages in our Alphabet Craft Book - Y for Yarn, y for yellow, Z for Zebra, z for zipper.

And now our Alphabet Craft Book is complete!!

Here's what it looks like:

A Binder filled with Clear Sheet Protectors...

and all of our Craft Alphabet pages in order,

to make an Alphabet book that we built together,

to refer back to at anytime, practicing letters, sounds, and words that start with each letter.

Pretty full Book!  It's such an accomplishment to have it complete!  :)

Using the Letter Builders to build Y and Z.

Then decorating the Y with yo-yo, yarn, and yogurt stickers.

I made the stickers using my Laminator, with the adhesive-laminating cartridge

And zebra, zipper, and zuchinni stickers for Letter Z.

A Math Tray, counting how many balls of yarn.

Homemade magnetic pompoms on an old baking tray.

Using our homemade letters,spelling zebra in upper and lower case letters, by matching the letter tiles to the zebra sheets.

Sorting by size.  Butterfly put both the zebras and the balls of yarn together in the sorting line :)

Zebra Puzzle.

I picked up a package of 3 yo-yos at Walmart for Butterfly and her friends.  Since we were learning that Y began with a yo-yo, she didn't know what a yo-yo was!  We practiced with them, of course it's tricky to have it return up for a three and a half year old, but at least she had a tangible experience with a yo-yo.  We also watched some Youtube videos of professional yo-yo players- and wow! the tricks that they can do are amazing!!

Bingo Dabbing in the circles to make a Y's and Z's.

Giant Push Pin poking Y and Z.  On carpet, poking holes along the lines to practice the writing movement of the letters.

Laminated Y and Z large printing sheets, using wipe-off markers to practice writing the letters.

Practicing writing Y and Z on her wipe-off board.

Colouring sheets.

Clipboard work using a Pencil Grip to help place Butterfly's fingers, on the pencil, in the proper writing position.

Laminated Graphing booklet.

Number Practice booklet, laminated on card, using wipe-off markers.

Letter Find worksheets.

Nature Journal entry for our last letters, here Butterfly is drawing a zebra in her journal :)

We'll be using our Nature Journal in more ways this summer as we'll be spending more time outside now and as Butterfly discovers new nature things we'll be recording it all in this journal, following the Charlotte Mason approach.

Well we are DONE the Letter of the Week Curriculum!!!  Wowsers!!  It took dedicated time for preparation each week and commitment to follow through, and I am so glad we did it!!!  I've seen such an improvement and a great homeschooling start in my daughter!  We have a box of Letter Files where all the prepared reusable curriculum is filed in each their own letter folders.  And another box of all her finished work from each week.  Because I chose to cardstock and laminate most of the materials, we are able to reuse them again come Fall, in which we will be doing double weeks, so two letters a week starting at the beginning of the Alphabet.  She'll be in Kindergarten 4 level so doing it again will help fill in the letters and numbers she still doesn't know and the repetition of it will reaffirm the skills in the work.

We will be starting Letter and Number Review through May.  I have lots of ideas for review activities and games that covers the whole Alphabet at once, it will give us time to review everything we have learned over the last 20 plus weeks!

Plus I have a little list starting of all the subjects Butterfly has been showing an interest in, that we will be exploring together over the summer, maybe do another Lapbook or two

- Don't worry, I'll be blogging about this all!

Thanks for sticking with us and if you're doing a Letter of the Week curriculum and are recording it, let me know your site or blog so I can come check it out too!

Thank you again to Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler for her Letter of Week program that she offers on her blog here.

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  1. i have to say i been follow each week . i this year change things up with my curr and added letter Thursday. i have not decide if i love it but it was something different to try . can not wait to see your revie weeks as we are heading to it also here 3 more letter and weeks . i love you made a book of each letter she did . i wish i would of though of this instead they took them all home . Thanks again sharing love the blog

  2. Thanks for following me each week mom4! I've taken a peek over at your blog as well and you've done some great Easter activities! Fabulously fun!

  3. YAY! I can't wait until we are able to say "we completed our LOTW cirriculum" LOL! Thanks so much for the great ideas and inspiration to keep going! I can't wait to see what else you come up with. I hope you and Miss Butterfly have a great summer!

  4. Awwww Thanks Heather! We'll be sure to share it all with you! And I look forward to following your LOTW journey as well :))

  5. It's more fun to learn the alphabet with these wonderful artwork, toys and books. You really had a great activity there. green printing

  6. I am definitely trying some of these ideas in my classroom! Thanks!


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