Friday, April 22, 2011

A Very Special Farm Trip!

To start our Easter weekend off, we went to a Children's Farm with our friends!
It turned out to be a VERY special day...
Here are our photos with our special videos at the end:

We watched the Peacocks...

who then put on a fancy show for us!  Wow, look at those handsome feathers!

Saying Hello to the Donkies!

Feeding the baby deer through the fence.

Love the hairdo on this goat! Fashionable bangs!

Emus are such funny birds, and how about this "Don King" duck- as my friend called it :)

Baby Chicks!!! So precious!  We wanted to take one home!

Talking with the turkeys!

Visiting the goats...

...and the new baby goats...

...and new baby lambs!

There was quite a few pregnant mama goats, one of them, her belly was so full and big, when she was up at the gate, I laid my hand on the side of her full belly and felt the baby goats kicking inside against my hand!  It was awesome!!!

This goat was hilarious!  Nice pose for the camera!

And now for the most special moment we experienced....

We watched the birth of a new baby goat!!!

What excited me the most, was Butterfly watched her first birth!!

The miracle of life, so precious.  ... Okay, yes, and gooey, hehe.

Here are the videos we took of it.  The first one is of the birth.  The second video is the mama goat labouring the second baby, and you can see her stomaching going in and out with the contractions.  The poor mama, I felt her pain! baa-ing at every contraction and looking so uncomfortable, moving in different positions.  The first baby just watching and just waiting for his mama to do her work.  It was amazing to watch.  We didn't get to see the second birth, or find out if she even had more than two, but we were so glad to see the first born!  Beautiful day!

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  1. This looks like it was an absolute blast! My kids would have loved it! I love the peacock and the turkey and the much fun!

    I loved your comment the other day about a pancake art restaurant! That would be so awesome and fun for kids I think! It's fun to dream....

    Happy Easter Friend!

  2. precious pics; i'd love to visit that farm!

  3. I am DYING over the goat birth! One of my daughter's favorite animals is a mountain goat... how cool that you got to be there to see the baby being born. Love your blog- thanks for inspiring me!! You are awesome!


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