Monday, April 4, 2011

Springtime Muffin Tin Monday!

Happy Muffin Tin Monday!

We did our first Springtime Muffin Tin Lunch!

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

A jam flower toast with a chocolate egg, and cucumbers for the stem and leaves.
Peaches and cheese strips make a sun, special caramel popcorn in a flower petal muffin cup, pepperoni is my little girl's favourite, and apple sauce with flower sprinkles.  A couple of butterfly picks makes the Springtime theme complete!

We are so glad it's Spring! The snow and ice are almost all melted and the sun is feeling warmer! Just the way we like it!!


  1. Oooo what a pretty tin! It is lovely!

  2. Pretty! I particularly like how you made the sun. We wanted to use flower sprinkles too, but I didn't have any (!) so it was lucky I had the gumpaste flowers on hand...

  3. super cute! Great Spring ideas!

  4. Your sun inspires me! I love it.

  5. So pretty! I love the colors in the lunch.

  6. I love the sun too! But also the stem. I hadn't noticed it until I read about it, then I was all "Duh! How could I have missed that?!" Awesome!


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