Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our W Books

Our Book Selection this week all start with the Letter W!

A giant Water Adventure book!

Our Bible story:  Jonah and the Whale

Books on Whales

Wake Me in Spring, Angelmouse's Windy Weather Day, Wet World, Weather books, Amy Love the Wind

Willy Nilly, Where the Wild Things Are, The Worrywarts, A Weekend With Wendell

Will's Mammoth, Wild Rilla, Woe is Moe, Wiggle Like a Puppy

Wacky Wednesday, There's a Wocket in my Pocket, Bears on Wheels

 Wheels on the Bus

Watch Me, Arthur Writes a Story, The Girl in the White Hat, Peter and the Wolf

Who, What, When, Whose Books!

And Where books, along with The Way I Fell, Want a Ride, Would you rather be a Bull frog.

THREE winners will be chosen this Friday, April 15th! 
Click HERE to see the post and enter in for a chance to win
online colouring activities for your kids!!

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