Saturday, April 16, 2011

Letter W and X Week!

Here's what we did for Letter W and X week (and numbers 23 and 24), using many of the Letter of the Week curriculum printables.

 Sang the Leap Frog songs and finding out the sounds that W and X make.

Flashcards, finding out what starts with W and X.

Stickered the next letters and numbers on our Review Charts.

Finger tracing with the Sandpaper Tactile Letters.

Then writing W and X in the paint bag.

Writing W and X in the Salt Box.

Tracing and driving with a car on the Roads W and X.

Next Alphabet pages for the Alphabet Binder, W for watermelon and whale, X for xylophone and x-ray.

Decorating W with whale, watermelon, wagon stickers.

Decorating X with xylophone and x-ray stickers.

Butterfly had a great idea to paint the Watermelon page instead of colouring it.

Giant Push Pin poking W and X.  On carpet, poking holes along the lines to practice the writing movement of the letters.

You can always check their work by turning over the page to see the poked holes!

Scissor cutting practice pages

Putting the watermelon in size order

Using floral stones this time for the magnet page.

Using our newly-made letters, spelling Watermelon and Xylophone in upper and lower case letters.

Then we made our own Rainbow Xylophone, which I got the idea from here.

Butterfly and her friend had fun playing music in the sunlight!

The Worrywarts book is a GREAT book for W week!!  Almost every word in this entire story starts with W, it's such a fun silly book about these three characters that worry about everything.  Butterfly heard so many W sounds while I read this one more than once.  After reading all those W words, I needed a glass of water!

Matching the xylophone shape cards.

Laminated Number Practice booklets with the wipe-off markers from Ikea that I find work the best on our Xyron 900 Laminator's sheets.

Pre-writing Practice booklet and practicing W and X in a larger scale.

Clipboard work, letter writing practice.

Scavenger Hunt for W objects with Daddy...

...finding Whales, Wagon, Watch, Wax, Wheel, Water, Wings.

Nature Journal entry, nature words that start with W and X.
I always have a sticky note in this box to remind us of two more things before our next letter week is done. We include some Computer Time which was mentioned in an early post.  We find videos and online letter games that reinforce our letter of the week.  It teaches Butterfly about computers each time, as this is a tool that is used in everyday life now.  

And the Wall Alphabet is the alphabet on our school room wall over Butterfly's desk.  We'll get the pointer stick and point to each letter saying the Alphabet, seeing and saying the letters, as a final review at the end of the week.

Next week is our LAST week for the the Letter of the Week curriculum!  We'll be doing Letters Y and Z (numbers 25 and 26).

I have A LOT more fun plans for Butterfly for May- Review work on the whole Alphabet and all the Numbers, I want to test her through some games and interactive activities to see how much she has retained and which ones she still needs work on.  And then, I have lots of fun learning projects and new craft ideas for our Summer adventures together!!! :))


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