Thursday, April 7, 2011

Letter U and V week!

We are doubling up now for the last letters of the Alphabet.  This week we did Letter U and V from our Letter of the Week curriculum.

Flash cards to review our new letter and number.

Placing the next letters and numbers on our Review Charts to see it's place in numeric/alphabetical order.

Tracing the Sandpaper Tactile Letters to feel upper and lower case U and V.

Writing U and V in the Paint bag.

Practicing U and V in the Salt Box.

Driving (and tracing) on Roads U and V

Alphie the Robot teaching us Letters U and V.

The next pages in our Alphabet Craft Book-U for Utensils, u for umbrella.  V for Vegetables, v for vase.

Using the Letter Builders to build U and u.

Then decorating the U's with umbrella stickers.

I made the stickers using my Laminator, with the adhesive-laminating cartridge

Using the Letter Builders to build V and v.

Then decorating the V's with violin, vegetable, valentine stickers.

Magnetic pages using homemade pompom magnets.

Bingo Dabbing in the circles to make Uu and Vv.

Umbrella puzzle

Size sorting with umbrellas and valentines, from large to small, then small to large.


Colour by number

Umbrella Grid Game
Roll the die, count the dots, put the same number of markers on umbrellas- teaching left to right/ top to bottom/ row by row, continue rolling-counting-marking umbrellas until the whole board is full.

Using our newly-made letters,spelling valentine and umbrella.

We discussed how Letter U is a curved line, and Letter V has straight lines.  I brought out our Straight and Curved Lines File Folder Game.

First, using two pieces string, we made curved and straight lines, then made a U and a V showing a curved and straight line.

Then Butterfly sorted straight lines and curved lines.

Then we played our file folder game "Which One Doesn't Belong?"  Putting an X on the picture that doesn't belong in each group.

We also played with our Small-Medium-Large file folder game.

Finding the groups of three pictures and sorting them in size.

On the back of each set of three, I marked the answer with stickers, for example- blue sticker belongs in the blue large envelope.

Clipboard work- Letter practicing sheets

Letter Find sheets

Using Play-doh to form U and V on laminated card.

Giant Push Pin poking the Letter U and V.  On carpet, poke holes along the lines to practice the writing movement of U and V.

Scissor Skills practice sheets.

Matching Umbrella shape cards.

Graphing booklet- laminated on card using wipe-off markers

Numbers Practice booklet

Counting Practice using number cards.

Counting Rain drops.

Pre-writing Skills practice booklet.

Scavenger Hunts, these were trickier letters to find objects for the boxes.
Butterfly put an umbrella in her U box and vegetables and a violet flower in her V box.

We recorded our U and V nature words in the Nature Journal, incorporating the Charlotte Mason Approach.

Again, another big Thanks to Erica's Letter of the Week curriculum!


  1. You've got an amazing collection of alphabet activities here.

  2. Hi! I found you via Pinterest; I'm trying to find the letters that you used with the playdough, and I can't quite track them down...I went to the website printed on the bottom, but there were just so many, I couldn't sort through them you happen to remember what they were called?

    1. Hi Megan! So sorry it was tricky to find, I will point you in the right direction. Just go here: and Click on any letter than you need, scroll down that letter post until you find the full page dotted letter, then click on that for the printable file! For instance, it will look like this:


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