Thursday, April 28, 2011

Calendars and Clippies!

I want to share with you our Calendar Board in our School Room!
(Click on it to see a bigger and clearer version if you wish.)

 We talk about the new date of the day- the weekday, the month, the numbered day, the year.  What day it is today, tomorrow, and yesterday.  We chart the weather and talk about the season.

 We have song pages hung up on rings that we take down and sing the songs about the months of the year, the date, the days of the week.  We found our calendar songs and some extra printables from HERE and HERE.

We chart and record the weather and review the Seasons.
The added Seasons and Months we have on the wall is from HERE.
 We mark the current month with a sticker, as well as the current season.
I have all the pieces laminated for durability, so we are able to use our Wipe-off Crayons for our Weather Graph.

We like to use our Hand Pointer from Learning Resources too, as we count the calendar numbers, say the days of the week, and the months of the year.

I have a sticky hook on the wall that holds a small box.  We are able to hold our extra numbers, calendar holidays, Wipe-off Crayons, and weather cards.  We use magnets to hold up the interchangeable weekdays and weather cards so they can be changed daily easily.

After our  Calendar, I review Butterfly's "Information", in which we practice saying her full name, her parents' names, her address, her phone number, her age, her town's name, her city, her province, her country.  I want her to know these off by heart, it is very important for a child to know their information.

I have to show you something beautiful in Butterfly's hair lately!

I received these beautiful hair clips from My SoCal Creations, a cute Etsy shop.

Here is Butterfly wearing her new clips.

These are rolled fabric flowers, beautifully handmade, almost a vintage feel.

My SoCal Creations has all sorts of cute hair clips.  I like the part where no-slip grips are put inside the clip for a more stronger hold.

Here Butterfly wanted to wear both flowers at the same time :)

Thank you Joanna for Butterfly's new hair clips!  Perfect to go with her summer dresses!  She loves them!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!

Ever since Tangled the movie came out, and reading the story Rapunzel from our fairy tale books, Butterfly has been acting out Rapunzel everyday in her imaginary play!  She pretends to be in a tower and I am her mother, she asks me to leave the tower again and I have to deny her.  She throws down her hair for me to climb up on.  Butterfly plays it inside the house, the couch being her tower; she plays it outside in the backyard, her play structure being the tower; she plays it at the park, the top of the slide is her tower.  It's been her new story obsession :)

So I did some research online to add to her play.

I found this cute paper craft that comes with a downloadable printable where you can make your own Pascal the Cameleon that can sit on your shoulder!

So Butterfly was excited for that, she coloured it, and I kept the paper folds together with glue and tape.

Then I saw this braid tutorial on grey luster girl and thought it was a fabulous idea!!  I took it another step further, which ended up taking me 4-5 hours to complete in total! But for my little girl, anything is worth it!!

I bought 3 big bags of yellow yarn which had different shades in it.  Each bag was made into a braid of it's own.  This in itself was tricky as I pulled out all the exact same long lengths from the ball, then tied one end together and to a chair and managed to braid three very long strips without getting it massively tangled!  Each braid took about an hour.  Then I took all three braids and tied them together and to a chair and braided them!  I was aiming for the look of Rapunzel where, in the movie, she visited the town for the first time and her hair kept getting in the way, so the little girls of the town braided her hair up and put flowers all through it.  Butterfly always said that was one of her favourite parts and how pretty it looked.

I added more elastic bands and then pink ribbons when all three braids were braided together.

I had also picked up some dollar store flowers, I pulled them off the stems and hot glued them throughout the braid like how Rapunzel had it done in Tangled.

You can imagine the excitement and the joy Butterfly had when we were finished our Rapunzel projects!

I tie the yarn braid on with hair elastics to her pony tail and it's long to drag around, but she LOVES it and plays Rapunzel almost everyday.  Now she flings down a real long braid from her "towers", in which I am to hold on to gently as she "pulls" me up into her tower saying "Welcome home Mother!"  hehe :)

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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Very Special Farm Trip!

To start our Easter weekend off, we went to a Children's Farm with our friends!
It turned out to be a VERY special day...
Here are our photos with our special videos at the end:

We watched the Peacocks...

who then put on a fancy show for us!  Wow, look at those handsome feathers!

Saying Hello to the Donkies!

Feeding the baby deer through the fence.

Love the hairdo on this goat! Fashionable bangs!

Emus are such funny birds, and how about this "Don King" duck- as my friend called it :)

Baby Chicks!!! So precious!  We wanted to take one home!

Talking with the turkeys!

Visiting the goats...

...and the new baby goats...

...and new baby lambs!

There was quite a few pregnant mama goats, one of them, her belly was so full and big, when she was up at the gate, I laid my hand on the side of her full belly and felt the baby goats kicking inside against my hand!  It was awesome!!!

This goat was hilarious!  Nice pose for the camera!

And now for the most special moment we experienced....

We watched the birth of a new baby goat!!!

What excited me the most, was Butterfly watched her first birth!!

The miracle of life, so precious.  ... Okay, yes, and gooey, hehe.

Here are the videos we took of it.  The first one is of the birth.  The second video is the mama goat labouring the second baby, and you can see her stomaching going in and out with the contractions.  The poor mama, I felt her pain! baa-ing at every contraction and looking so uncomfortable, moving in different positions.  The first baby just watching and just waiting for his mama to do her work.  It was amazing to watch.  We didn't get to see the second birth, or find out if she even had more than two, but we were so glad to see the first born!  Beautiful day!

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