Tuesday, March 15, 2011

St. Patrick's and Rainbow Activities!

We have been busy with St. Patrick's Day and Rainbow Activities!
I think it's awesome that our Letter R week falls on this week, Rainbows are suited for St. Patrick's Day!

We made GREEN Kool-aid Playdough!

Kool-Aid Play Dough is so much fun!  The color is vibrant and the play dough smells SO good!  We used green Lemon Lime Kool-Aid for St. Patrick's Day.  

Here is the recipe I used:

2 1/2 cups flour

1/2 cup salt
3 small packages of Kool Aid drink mix
3 TBSP oil
2 cups boiling water
 Mix together flour, salt, Kool Aid, and oil.
Add boiling water and mix until the dough is cool enough to touch.
Knead until smooth.
Store in a Ziploc bag in the fridge!


Another activity Butterfly enjoyed, was a Montessori fine motor skills Tray work that I set out for her.

Laminated different coloured cardstock, with matching paper clips.  I had three clips per colour.
So Butterfly had to sort- matching the correct colour to each card, then using fine motor skills to practice how a paper clip works, sliding it on it's same coloured card.

Using paint chip sample cards from a store that sells paint, I cut them up and drew a rainbow on a big piece of paper.  Butterfly knows her colours down pat, but now she is learning "Rainbow Order"- the correct order the colours shine in a rainbow.  

Our toddler friend got to glue them any way she liked as this was age appropriate for her.  For a preschooler challenge, I marked the correct colour order on Butterfly's paper so that she could glue the paint chip cards in order to form a rainbow.  She had to follow the path to keep each colour in their own rainbow row.

They turned out beautifully!

Next, let's paint a Rainbow!

Butterfly and her friend painted their own rainbows on the easel.
(By the way, don't throw out those dessert trays that hold the fruit tarts-- look how perfect they are for a paint holding palette!)

Easel chalkboard work, I drew a rainbow in colour order and Butterfly then coloured in the colours.

Our neighbour brought over her magnetic pom poms and some rainbow sheets on a metal pan, the girls worked on them together.

A Celtic Cross craft for the Irish holiday this week!

I brought out our heart cookie cutters from Valentine's day, to make our own clovers.  I do have the clover cookie cutter that we used in our Playdough above, but I thought it will stick more in Butterfly's mind how a clover is shaped if she forms it herself, each leaf twisted to stamp differently to make a clover.

I have to say that I got in there too and crafted along with her on this one  :)  I couldn't resist!  I had ideas!
Like this one, I printed my clover with the heart cutter then took the tip of my finger and brushed the wet paint lines into the middle to give this effect.

The next day, I saw this method on a cake decorating show, it's a fancy way to ice decorations on a cake to rub the lines into the middle of the shape!  Cool!  (Let me know if you know what this method is called!)

Then I discovered sliding or rubbing the cookie cutter in a direction!


I like the little hearts inside the big heart in one of Butterfly's masterpieces!  and of course finger painting, she loves to drop the tools and just use the hands!  She said during this art project, "Oh Mommy, I just like to paint with my hands only!!!" (as she holds her hands up and wiggles her fingers back and forth!) 

And check this out, I drew a capital R and lower case r on our chalk board, she came down from her nap, saw it, picked up a chalk and made them into people!!  Cuteness!

A lot more to come on our Rainbow week! :))


  1. Dang! We threw out that chocolate tray you gave us! *kicking myself*

    I suppose I have the perfect excuse to buy more chocolate LOL

    I've been using the plastic cups from single-use finger paints I had, they are a nice size and she can hold them in her hands too - looks like a real budding artist :P (btw you totally started a painting frenzy here with the rainbows LOL!)

  2. Thanks for the idea of using a heart cooking cutter to make clovers. I never would have thought of that:-).

  3. What wonderful activities! I just had to feature the play dough on my blog today:


    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I found your article on St Patricks Day to be just what I was looking for, thanks for sharing this valuable piece. St Patricks Day celebrations

  5. A wonderful collection of projects for St. Patrick's Day! I just pinned them with the rest of the great ones I have happened upon— http://pinterest.com/youmakedo/make-luck/
    I was lucky to happen upon yours!

  6. Great Kool Aid play dough recipe. It worked perfect for our Birthday theme. We put candles in the "cakes" and "blew" the candles out after singing Happy Birthday. Thanks :)

  7. Love the Lemon Lime Play-Doh recipe - I shared your idea on my blog (crediting you of course! ) Stop by and check it out! :)

    Pink Polka Dots and Pre-K

  8. What fun ideas! I featured your post and photo in my St. Patrick's Day Playdough Activities roundup at Living Montessori Now: http://livingmontessorinow.com/2014/03/03/montessori-monday-st-patricks-day-playdough-activities/


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