Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rainbow R!

We had quite an exciting Rainbow week that was shared with St. Patrick's Day!

Here's our Letter R and Number 18 work.

LeapFrog Fridge Magnets and flash cards to review our new letter and number.

 Placing the next letter and number on our Review Charts to see it's place in numeric/alphabetic order.

Making R's in the paint bag.

Making R's in the salt box.

Sandpaper Tactile Letters to finger trace, a Montessori pre-writing skill.

Driving/ Tracing on Road R

Building an R out of straws.

Peg Board and coloured elastic bands, making an R.
Then Butterfly and her friend filled in the elastic band lines with pegs to complete the R.

Alphie the Robot teaching us Letter R and Number 18.

The next pages in our Alphabet Craft Book that we are building.
R for Road and r for rooster.

Talking about rainbows all week led us to review the colours!  So Butterfly shared her fun Colour and Rainbow work with her four cousins :)

This file folder game, I used sample paint chip cards.  The kids matched up the different colour shades.

Matching the coloured foam square to the right colour word.

Matching colour words to their colours.

The kids loved the Colour File Folder games.

Magnetic pom poms

Matching the right coloured clothespin to the correct shade.

Then we learned about Rainbow Colour Order, ROYGBIV- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

They loved using the Rainbow Crayons.

Numbers practice wipe-off booklet

Sorting upper and lower case R's.

Rainbow puzzle

Size order

Matching the whole alphabet's upper case with it's lower case.

Graphing Rainbows

Matching rainbows with counting

Then we played Roll a Leprechaun game.  Roll the dice, the amount on the die is the amount of clovers put on the leprechauns until the whole board is filled.  Learning left to right row by row work.

Spelling rainbow using our newly-made letters.

Bingo Dabbing in the circles to make n R.

Giant Push Pin poking the Letter Rr.  On carpet, poking holes along the lines to practice the writing movement of Rr.

Using coloured circle stickers, matching the colours to fill in the rainbow.

Butterfly decorated her R's with stickers that start with R- rabbits, raccoons, rainbows, rain.

Writing practice letter R and number 18.

Butterfly liked using her Rainbow pencil.

A Laminated sheet makes it easy to re-use with a wipe-off marker.

Colouring a one and an eight, then cutting and gluing them to make an eighteen.

Scavenger Hunt with Daddy!  Butterfly learnt more things that start with the letter R!

Rudolph, Rapunzel, robot, racing car, red, recorder, rabbit, railroad track, rat.

Recording our R week in the Nature Journal, following the Charlotte Mason philosophy.

Felt board songs and rhymes about rabbits!

Another great rainbow art using coloured popsicle sticks and cotton balls for clouds.

Check out more of our Rainbow art and activities that we did by clicking on "Rainbows" and "St. Patrick's Day" under Labels on the right hand side of my blog.

All the great themed Letter R rainbow printables are from

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  1. Fantastic. I wish I had little kids again just to do all this cool stuff.


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