Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quick Q!

Butterfly and I have been home this week with heavy colds, so with that, we had lots of time to do school activities together!  As a result, Butterfly finished Letter Q and Number 17 quite quickly!

LeapFrog Fridge Magnets and flash cards to review our new letter and number.

Butterfly found her Zebra finger puppet to count the seventeen zebras with!  She always has great ideas :)

Placing the next letter and number on our Review Charts to see it's place in numeric/alphabetic order.

Writing Q in the Salt box and Paint bag, and using the  Sandpaper Tactile Letters to finger trace what upper and lower case Q feels like.

Driving and Tracing the Letter Q with a car.

 Alphie the Robot teaching us Letter Q and Number 17.

 Peg Board and coloured elastic bands, making a Q.  Butterfly then fills in the holes in between the elastic bands, with pegs, to make a full Q.  More practice on writing and knowing a Q.

Our next pages for our Alphabet Craft Binder.  Q for Quail and q for a queen.

Butterfly used coloured floral stones to make Q and q.

Decorating Q and q with Queen and quail stickers.

I made the stickers using my Laminator, with the adhesive-laminating cartridge!

Butterfly's finished product.

Magnetic page using homemade pompom magnets.

Bingo Dabbing in the circles to make a Q.

Giant Push Pin poking the Letter Qq.  On carpet, poking holes along the lines to practice the writing movement of Qq.

Sorting capitals and lower case Q's.

Using our newly-made letters, Butterfly matched letters to spell Quilt in upper and lower case letters. 

I got out our Expo wipe-off board that has the proper writing lines on it, and using a wipe-off marker I wrote Butterfly's name in dots, she practiced tracing and writing her name.

Butterfly did a few pages in her Same or Different book.

Butterfly worked in her wipe-off Before I Print book, tracing lines.

Worked on more scissor skills with a page from our Scissors Skills Workbook.

Quilt colouring pages.

Tracing Q and q, laminated with a wipe-off marker.

Clipboard practice, writing our letter and number of the week.

Counting booklet.  Counting the objects on the left hand side and clipping a mini clothespin on the correct answer.

Colouring 1 and 7 then cutting and gluing them together to make a seventeen.

A St. Patrick's Day worksheet working on shapes and gluing them in the right places.

I made this shape activity page for Butterfly and placed it on an old baking pan, we found these magnetic foam shapes from the dollar store, and she matches up the shapes to make the pattern.

The Scavenger Hunt- Butterfly and her Daddy filled their box with not many things as Q is a lot more trickier! They found quarters, Quaker oats, a quilt blanket, a queen bee, Q tips.... and they did it Quickly and Quietly! :)

Butterfly placed the quilts in size order.

Her next entry in her Nature Journal about Letter Q.

We read The Quilt Story 

And then Butterfly made her own quilt craft with clear contact paper and tissue paper squares.

We also laid out her own Quilt blanket that a friend made her when she was a baby.... do a puzzle that, to us, looked like a quilt! with square animal patches.

Rainbow Week is next!! :))

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  1. Love that Butterfly got out the zebra to count!! CUTE!

    Love Alphie at our home too!



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