Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pretty P!

 Here's our Letter P and Number 16 week!

 Placing the next letter and number on our Review Charts to see it's place in numeric/alphabetic order.

LeapFrog Fridge Magnets and flash cards to review our new letter and number.

Making P's in the Paint Bag. 

 Making P's in the Salt Box.

 Sandpaper Tactile Letters to finger trace, a Montessori pre-writing skill.

Tracing/ Driving a car on Road P.

 Alphie the Robot teaching us Letter P and Number 16.
We also have Alphie's  Booster Pack on Numbers and his  Booster Pack on Letters.


Next pages in our Craft Alphabet book, p is for piano and P is for Penguin.

Pumpkin Cutting Practice page

Decorating the P's with pumpkin and pirate stickers!

We read Franklin's Pumpkin and found the letter P's in the word pumpkin.

We then looked at the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin, I made this file folder from Montessori For Everyone

With Kumon's Let's Fold! book, Butterfly did the pepper and papaya pages. (We looked at the letter P's in these words too!)

Since these folding pages were about whole foods sliced in half, I got out our Whole and Half Fruit file folder game which is from Montessori For Everyone.

Butterfly and her friends matched the whole fruit to what it looks like when cut in half, while naming the fruits.

P is for Paint and Paint Brush!  Butterfly and her friends sorted the colours in this file folder game.

 Giant Push Pin poking the Letter Pp.  On carpet, poking holes along the lines to practice the writing movement of Pp.

Magnetic page using homemade pompom magnets.

Bingo Dabbing in the circles to make a P.

Soring different sized pumpkins.

Using our newly-made letters, Butterfly and her friends are spelling Pumpkin in capitals and lower case.

Hand-writing clipboard practice.

Tracing P's, laminated with wipe-off marker.

Pumpkin Pre-writing Practice booket, laminated with  IKEA wipe-off markers.

Counting pumpkins.

Then cutting and gluing to make a sixteen!

Dice Counting Game.  Butterfly rolled the die, counted the dots, then circled the number to match how much she counted;  doing this six times because there are six boxes.

Then we played a Penguin Grid Game, roll the die, count the dots, put that many stones on that many penguins.  For example, roll a two, put two more gems on two more penguins until the whole grid is filled up.  This teaches, dice work, counting, one-to-one correspondence, grid work, left to right row work.  Lots of skills practiced in this game!  And a big fun Jumbo Dice is always much more fun for preschoolers' hands than the tiny ones! :)

P is for Pizza!  I got this craft idea from Teach Preschool.
Butterfly and her friends painted red "sauce" (paint) on their paper plates or "pizza pies" (check out all those P words! :)  and then glued on their toppings!  That day we made mini pizzas for lunch!- ones we could eat! :)

Felt board story:  The 3 Little Pigs

Scavenger Hunt time with Daddy!

Butterfly and her Daddy found a lot of things around the house that begin with P!
Post-it notes, porridge, pancake mix, pasta, paint, paint brush, plum sauce, penguin, pony, pigs, panda puppet, puppy puppet, Piglet, prince, Play-doh, Pooh bear, pepper, pea soup, pencil, pen, princess, popcorn, phone, purse.  I think I got them all :)

 We ended our week with our Charlotte Mason Nature journal entry!

 Letter P pumpkin worksheets are from Confessions' of a Homeschooler's 

Preparing for Q now, and just realized we don't have any books that start with Q!  That is a hard letter to make a title.  Let me know of any children's books you know that start with Q that you would recommend, we can search for them at our Library


  1. We love your alphabet crafts! We shared Letter P is for Piano a couple months back.

    all the best,
    Sherry + Wendy @ Kiboomu

  2. If you're still looking for a 'Q' book, try the Animal Antics A-Z series by Barbara deRubertis.


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