Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Montessori Tray and Games!

I got this great idea from Shannon's Tot School.

I filled a tray with the exact foam stickers that Butterfly would need to complete the cards.

Butterfly had to match the other side of the card with the exact same picture.  This is a great spatial concepts activity.

She grasped the activity better than I thought she would!  I should have made them harder! hehe

We then cut up the cards in half on the lines...

...and played Memory Matching games!

I set out this Pet Puzzle next, matching the two halves of an animal.

Also from Shannon's Tot School, I got this interview idea.  I explained briefly to Butterfly what an "interview" is, and then she was excited to try.  So I asked her all these great questions on my clipboard and then I kept the paper in her memory box, she had some great answers!  I will have to do this each year, what a fun keep sake!

Then she took the clipboard with a piece of paper and interviewed me!  It was really cute! :)

She ended up drawing some of her really cool pictures!  Her people (or "creatures") now have hands and feet! Yay!

Her art is getting so funky!  I love it!  I keep taking pictures of the drawings so we can remember her progression.

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