Sunday, March 27, 2011

Letter T Books!

Here's our T Books for our new week!

 Books on Teeth!

 Tillie and Mert and Teddy Bear for Sale- two great books about (and before our own) big Garage Sale!
The Teeny Tiny Woman, Our Tea Party, The Tin Fiddle, The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes.

In our McCloskey collection, we'll read "Time of Wonder", In our Nursery Tales we'll read "The Tortoise and the Hare",  In our Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales book we'll read "Thumbelina", and In our 101 Favourite Bible Stories we'll read "The Tower of Babel" and "The Ten Commandments"

 Berenstein Bears Too Much TV and Too Much Teasing
Arthur's TV Trouble and Teacher Trouble

Tom's Tail, a book about Turtles, and The Runaway Tractor

 The Tale of Ole Saldimu and the Toothless Lion and Toot & Puddle Top of the World

 Tessa's Tip-Tapping Toes, I'm a little Teapot, Ten little Teddies, Mr. Topsy-Turvy

And a whole lot about Transporation!  as we will be doing some activities on Transportation! - A great T word on things that Travel!

Here's our new Sling Shelf!
This sling shelf will hold our books of the week! (I kept Spring books available for this week again.)

It sits by our main bookcase which holds all our books that are categorized by theme, so it's easy to retrieve a story of what we want to learn about.  This bookcase sits in our hallway right across from our new School Room.

Want to see photos of our New School Room? It's finally all done and organized!!
Come join the Rockabye Butterfly Facebook Group, take a look at the photos we posted, let me know what you think!  Leave a comment in the Photo Album, there will be a draw on Friday, April 1st for one lucky winner to win a Surprise Preschool Activity Gift!


  1. Wow you are totally organized! My kids books are all thrown randomly in the cupboard and I'm always hoping they wont fall out.

  2. Great website!! Very helpful for me as I teach my daughter "letters of the week".


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