Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Letter S Books!

Here are our S Books that we have been reading this week!

Books on Shapes! (a good review!)

Butterfly has been interested in planets and the Earth lately, Solar System and Stars are great S words!

Books on Sea Horses, Sharks, and Snakes!

More Shark books and of course Scaredy Squirrel (he's hillarious!!)

Butterfly's favourite- Books on Sleepovers!!

Here's the confusing part, our S week is on Snowman!  But now it's officially Spring!  But in Canada you can still get snow in March, and we do still have snow on the ground.  So having snow books is still allowed here :)

Sadie books!

And let's bring on the Spring books too!  It's officially Spring and that's a great S word!

Books on School!

A Robert Munsch favourite- Smelly Socks, and also Silver Slippers, and Sammy Snake's Supermarket!

Sheila Rae The Brave, Stella, and our Steam Shovel book

Sleeping Beauty, Stay Safe Play Safe, How Do You Sleep, Amos's Sweater, Supposes, Small Treasures, Simon Finds a Feather.


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