Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's - Sensory and Tot Trays!

More fun stuff for our Valentine's week!

Here is our Sensory Bin!

 Beans with added hearts, beads, petals, ribbon, confetti, cups and spoons and containers.

A divided veggie tray makes for a great sorting activity.  Here Butterfly sorted foam hearts into three sizes: large, medium, small.  Then afterwards, she sorted them into the three different colours.

 One to one correspondence: Spoon scooping a heart stone into each heart section of the ice cube trays.

 Sorting three sized heart gems: Large, medium, and small into three containers with lids.

 Using plastic hearts to make patterns.

 These plastic hearts are also mini containers containing their own lid.  So Butterfly played with these for awhile putting a Valentine coin in each container- opening and closing the containers' lids.

 Using the tweezers to pinch a foam heart out of the jar and sorting the hearts by colour in the divided dish.

 Heart candles- creating patterns with three colours, matching pairs, and counting.

 A divided wooden tray with red, pink, white pom poms and feathers.  Using tweezers to pinch pom poms (fine motor skill) to fill container, sorting colours and sizes, practicing with jar's lid-screwing on and off.

 A simpler version for our toddler friend- filling and spilling with the jar, sorting and placing in the wooden tray, and placing objects on the little mirror to discover mirrored images.

Even with a few sets of objects, there are so many skills to be learned and played with!


  1. I love all the fine motor skils you covered with your activities. JDaniel would love to come to your house and explore your hearts.

    Thank you so much for linking to the Virtual Valentine’s Day Party on my blog. Please take a moment between now and the end of the party Monday night to visit a few of the other party guests. I would love to everyone who linked up to have other guests stop by for a visit.

    Remember if you visit two guests and leave me a comment that you did you could win a $15 Visa Gift Card.

  2. I love all your Valentine stuff! Where did you find the plastic hearts and the heart stones? Such great activities!


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