Monday, February 7, 2011

Prepared Environment - Valentine's theme!

As soon as we finished the unpacking and mountains of laundry from our trip away last week, I had to get started on our Valentine's theme!  So many fun things I had set aside all last month for this week!  I love this occasion - it's a time to celebrate and express LOVE! What could be better!

 Here's our prepared environment that Butterfly and her friend starting enjoying today!

 Flowers, hearts, and balloons!

Many hanging hearts, red and pink!

Our main window, decorated with window clings and a home-made craft.  Using cut-out coloured paper hearts on clear contact paper, Butterfly added silk flower petals in the middle.  We then put another sheet of clear contact paper over top and trimmed around the heart.  Hole punches and red ribbon, makes a nice hanging decoration!

Butterfly made her own heart placemat for her seat at the kitchen table.  Using clear contact paper again, sticking on tissue paper hearts of different sizes, another sheet of clear contact paper on top, and trimmed edges, makes a Valentine placemat!

We'll be having all sorts of Tot Trays during this week, with things found at the dollar store.  Butterfly and her friend started with a couple of ideas today and they had fun learning these skills together and independently.

 A jar with foam hearts and red coins mixed together, and two buckets for sorting!

The girls had to sort the two different types, dividing them in two buckets.

Then I filled the jar with more foam hearts and left it there with the lid.  This jar's lid requires screwing to open and firmly close.  Butterfly practiced that while our toddler friend practiced the spilling and filling of the jar!

With the giving out of Valentines, it sometimes requires mailboxes and postal workers to deliver these special letters.  So I brought out books about this along with a mailbox to play with....

... we set it up on the table with a few Valentine hearts (and a pencil to write messages with), in which Butterfly and her friend enjoyed playing delivering mail and making Valentines for the mailbox.

Other books I have out in our Book Basket for this week, are:

 All about LOVE!


  1. I love everything! The crafts,the activities,and all the books.

    Thank you so much for linking up to the Virtual Valentine's Day party. I hope you will have many party guests stop by.

    Thanks for adding my link to your post. It makes you eligible for the $10 Visa Gift Card drawing on the Feb. 14th.

  2. I love the decorations, activities and books!


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