Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ooooh "O" Boooks!

Here's our Books for this week for Letter "O".

We'll be using our big Animals Encyclopedia to look up Octopuses, Owls, and Ostriches!

And reading My Very Own Octopus by Bernard Most.

Dr. Seuss Books!
"Oh, the Places You'll Go!"
"Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!"
"Old Hat New Hat"
"One Fish Two fish Red Fish Blue Fish"

"Omar On Ice" by Maryann Kovalski
"Oscar, Cat-About-Town" by James Herriot

"Only in Dreams" a Paul Frank book
"One Tricky Monkey Up on Top"

 And we'll be reading a few Bible stories about Obedience:
"Noah Obeys", "Josiah Obeys", "Daniel Obeys", and "Paul Obeys".
Letter O couldn't have come at a better time!! :)


  1. What fun!! What did you think of "Only in Dreams"? It looks super-cute, but I don't want to judge a book by its cover. ;-)

  2. Ooooh it's a very cute basic story of Julius the monkey telling the reader how you can dream anything you want and be anything you want, giving all sorts of scenarios of what you can dream about! I LOVE the illustrations, so bright and colourful and lots to look at!


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