Monday, February 21, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday & Montessori Trays

Happy Muffin Tin Monday!

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

Today we have a game!  Match up the pairs of food.

Butterfly matched the pairs with straws.  Two red foods (watermelon and strawberries), Two orange foods in the same shape (baby carrots, cut up cheese string), and Two circle foods (pepperoni and cucumbers).

This weekend, Butterfly had fun with a couple of Montessori trays I set out for her.

This tray has a square tape in the middle.

Spill the beads all over in the tray, have the child use the brush to comb all the beads into the square (creating a pile for clean up) then they practice using a dust pan to sweep the beads on the pan and carefully pouring them back into the container! (Great eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills practice!)

Any learning tray that practices clean up is great for my house! :)

This next tray activity that Butterfly had fun with, is Water Transfer... using a baster and a mini muffin tin!

I coloured the water blue so she can see it move inside the transparent baster.

It takes practice for a preschooler to learn to squeeze the ball for suction and release of the water, to figure out how to transfer the water back and forth using this one tool.

 And it's great for one to one correspondence as she fills each muffin cup with a bit of water.

Expect spills, even off the tray! :)


  1. I like making it into a matching game.

  2. Pepperoni's what a great MTM item--I might try those with my girls!

  3. You have such great ideas! Happy MTM!

  4. Matching is a great idea. I love the sweeping activity too.

  5. I love the baster idea, I'm going to be using that one in our quiet time activities! Thanks!


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