Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Valentine Activities!

Valentine activities that have been keeping us busy:

Decorating a heart with Valentine stamps...

 ....and stickers!

Then we made these Valentine Finger Puppets

A Science experiment and more sensory play:

We made red water (food colouring) and freezing it in heart trays....

We put some heart stones and foam hearts into the water compartments before freezing, talking about the how the stones sink and how the foams float!

 Popping them out of the heart trays when frozen, into a bowl.

 Butterfly and her friend LOVED playing with the ice hearts!

We used describing words such as:  icey, cold, "brrrr", wet, hard, slippery, big and little, the shape name- hearts; and talked about the sounds they make when dropping them into the bucket.

They were using the heart trays as puzzles- fitting the hearts back into the spots...

 ... which was great one to one correspondence.

Then we talked about warm hands melting the ice back into water!

 We held onto a couple to melt the ice to retrieve the stone heart inside of it!

Melted enough, we got the stones out!

 And we talked about how the foam hearts were easiest to get out of the ice since they just froze on top!

Learning about melting, Butterfly stated how the bowl now has red water in it!

 And then starting on our Valentines for our friends, which Butterfly will be passing out at a Valentine's Party we'll be attending.

We found red doily hearts at the dollar store...

 ...then printed out the perfect verse that describes the most perfect Love of all time!

Line it up just right and you got "Valentine" in red letters! :)

Next job is Butterfly's- signing them and decorating them!


  1. Wow you have been very busy with fun and educational projects! The ice cube tray one really is a great idea that will be memorable I bet!


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