Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moon Sand!

Have you heard of Moon Sand?

It's awesome stuff!  I wish I can fill a whole sandbox with this stuff!  It's easy to mold, and the molded shape stays, and the sand won't dry out or leave little particles of dust everywhere.

I combined three containers of Moon Sand in a sensory bin for Butterfly...

...and put some cups in the bin to mold different shapes with.

Let's just say Mommy and Daddy had fun with the Moon Sand too!
You can hold your mold and it won't fall apart!

 But then crumble apart when you squish it!
...and no sand dust to choke on or wipe away!

And I can leave the Moon Sand uncovered just in the bin as is and it will never dry out!

 All I can say is, I love this stuff... errr, I mean, Butterfly loves it too of course! ... and we want more Moon Sand to fill this bin!!


  1. Okay, I'm reading your review and I'm shaking my head in agreement...yes it sounds good and looks fun and I like the no dust part! But now I'm convinced I've got to get some for mean my kids! Hee! Hee!

  2. Yes you HAVE TO Jenni Price!!! You will love it... and the kids! Tonight, I got 2 more packs of it, lol, now our sand bin will be fuller! ...Btw, come over and make me one of your fancy pancakes! :)

  3. There are some good recipes out there to make homemade versions that come pretty close to the store bought stuff too :).

  4. Beautiful. Saw it on Pinterest Sensory board. Hope you'll visit my blog: Kindergarten for Teachers and Parents. Grabbed your button for my linky page. Fab ideas!


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