Monday, February 21, 2011

Nifty N!

Here's our completed Letter N activities!

Butterfly learned the sound of N and sang the Alphabet song with her LeapFrog Magnetic Alphabet Set.

Putting the next number on our Review Chart

Putting the next letter on the Alphabet Review Chart- this helps a preschooler know where the new letter IS in the Alphabet.  We always sing the ABC's with this as well.

Writing a Letter N in the Paint Bag

Writing Nn in the Salt Box

Practicing writing 14 and N with her Trend Wipe-Off Activity Cards
 and Trend Wipe-Off Markers.

Don't forget the cool backsides of these cards, always an activity!

Driving/Tracing on Road N with a car.

Butterfly made an N out of straws.

Making an N on the Peg Board with pegs and coloured elastic bands.

Learning with Alphie the Robot

Our next pages in our Alphabet Craft Book,
N for Nest...

...and n for noodles!

Building N and n with the Letter Builders.

Then decorating the N's with nest and number stickers, and pieces of newspaper!

Sorting Capitals and Lower Case letters.
 At first, starting out in this curriculum, I would tell Butterfly that the big letters are the "Mommies" and the little letters are the "Babies".  "Match the Mommy with the Baby."  It was easy for her to understand.  But now half way through the alphabet, I am finding myself using the proper words of "Capitals" and "Lower case" and she is understanding now that the capitals are the big letters and the lower case are the little letters.

 Giant Push Pin poking the Letter Nn.  On carpet, poking holes along the lines to practice the writing movement of Nn.

Magnet page on a baking pan with circle magnets.

Bingo Dabbing in the circles to make Nn.

Learning to spell Nest.  This time all the capitals and lower cases letters are mixed together in one pile, Butterfly was able to match the letters correctly to spell the words.

Nest Puzzle

Sorting the nests by size, this time she started with the smallest, working her way to the biggest.

A page in our Maze Book, learning to stay in the path, another pre-writing skill.

Cutting and gluing the nest and eggs.

She even put faces on them! :)

Colouring some N pages, the animal one you can print off from HERE.

This time with our laminated Nn tracing page, we used Play-Doh to build the N's.

Tracing booklet.

Clipboard work

Letter Find worksheet

Colouring number 1 and 4...

...then cutting and gluing it on a coloured paper to make fourteen.

Putting the nests in order from 1-10, then clipping on the right numbered clothespin to match the number of eggs in the nest.

 Number 14 worksheet printed from kids learning station. 

Shape review worksheets from

A pattern worksheet.

An entry in our nature journal (following the Charlotte Mason approach).

Butterfly and her Daddy filled their Scavenger Hunt box with nuts, nutmeg, a nutcracker, noodles, necklace, and a photo of our neighbour!

Our fun messy art project this week was Painting on a Mirror!

 Butterfly loved this!
It's like painting a Reflection!

 She couldn't resist again... paint brushes down, hands in!

 Colours mixed!

 Even practicing writing the Letter N by scraping the paint off with her finger.

The Letter N printables come from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

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