Sunday, February 13, 2011

Letter M is finally completed!

We have finally finished our Letter M/ Number 13 activities!  Our Letter of the Week curriculum was on the back burner for a couple of weeks as we enjoyed a mid-winter family trip.  So this week we got back on track, and on top of school work we also enjoyed many of our Valentine's activities.  We have been busy this week!

We started with an M and 13 introduction with our Leap Frog song and flash cards.

Then stickering the next letter on our alphabet chart, knowing where M belongs in the whole alphabet.

The stickering the next number on our continued number review chart.

Tracing M and m with our Sandpaper Letters.

Making M's in the paint bag.

Making M's in the Salt Box

Butterfly then practiced writing M and 13 with her Trend Wipe-Off Activity Cards
 and Trend Wipe-Off Markers.

Practicing the letter M some more by tracing/driving a car on a Road M.

Making an M out of straws.

Making an M on the Peg Board, using coloured elastic bands and pegs.

Learning with Alphie the Robot

Our next pages in our Alphabet Craft Book,
M for mountains...

...and m for mouse!

Butterfly practiced more cutting with a page from Carson Dellosa's Scissors Skills book.

 Letter Building M's

Then decorating the M's with stickers that start with M- music notes, mermaids, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Angelina Mouse!

Homemade magnetic pom-poms for an M is for monkey worksheet.

Sorting capitals from lower case.

 Learning to spell monkey by matching letters.

 Dice Monkey Game...

 Roll the Jumbo Dice, count the dots, put markers on that many monkeys on game board.  Keep rolling and counting until whole game board is filled.

Two folding pages from Kumon's Let's Fold book

 Sorting monkeys by size

 M puzzle

 M colouring sheets

 Writing Practice booklet

 Writing Mm with Jumbo wipe-off crayons

 Clipboard practice sheets

 Using large print-out numbers, Butterfly coloured a 1 and a 3, we cut them out and glued them on a piece of paper to make a 13!

 Number Recognition worksheet - counting to 13.

 Counting M&Ms

Counting monkeys, putting them in numerical order, than matching the correct marked clothespin to the right numbered monkey.

 Practicing one to one correspondence, Butterfly stamped one Mushroom (another M word!) in each box.

 Monkey Building pattern activity

 Matching the two shape halves.

 Pattern worksheet, cutting and gluing.

 Our next Nature Journal entry.

 Butterfly's favourite thing to do with her Daddy, the Scavenger Hunt!

 Here's what they found:
A mailbox, mirror, mustard, mayonnaise, monkeys, mermaid, markers, money, magnets, makeup, mice, Mickey and Minnie mouse, mug, and (Dora's) map!

 Some Matching file folder games...

...with snowflakes!

 Months of the year file folder game, matching the months (ooh, two M words there!) from Montessori For Everyone.

For a special art project, reflecting Valentine's Day, Butterfly worked on a Mosaics heart!

Foam shapes- matching the shapes to make the picture.  This mosaics kit is great for preschoolers, the shapes are made of foam and bigger pieces for small hands.  Great practice for fine motor skills and colour matching!

Happy Valentine's Day!  :)

*Most of our Letter of the Week curriculum printables are from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler.

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