Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Art Class

We came into class finding sections taped off on the children's table.

Hand Painting in your own area, right on the table!


Making finger nail scratches.

 Then we laid down a sheet of paper on top of the table top design, to make PRINTS!

And the prints are sooo cool.... pretty!

 After cleaning up the paint space, the teacher got out SHAVING CREAM!

If you have not tried this, even as an adult, TRY IT!!

I couldn't resist, I had to get in there myself with my daughter! HA!
We even added dabs of paint to make colour!

It was SO fun!

The best part was when the teacher got us to CLAP our hands!  And it looked like it was snowing in the classroom!  LOL!!

Did I mention how much Butterfly and I LOVE our Friday Art class!! :))


  1. My kids would absolutely LOVE this! I like how the paint made prints!

  2. The tape does such a great job of setting some personal boundaries. Great idea. Of course the paint and shaving cream look wonderful. So fun!! :)


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