Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pinkalicious & Snowy Blue

Tonight, Butterfly wanted to read Pinkalicious.
She wanted everything to be pink, everything focused on pink after we read the story!
Changed into pink clothes, played with only pink toys, wanted to be called "Pinkalicious"!

Next, Butterfly... errr, umm, I mean, Pinkalicious! wanted to colour Pinkalicious!
So I got out my Sharpie and drew her the best I could!

We found all the pinks (and reds- as Pinkalicious turns darker after eating more cupcakes!) and Butterfly went to town!  It was a very pretty pink picture! (Which can be viewed on the refrigerator now of course! :)

I wish I hadn't run out of eggs just today, because I was determined to actually bake pink cupcakes with her tonight.  So instead we found a bedtime snack that consisted of pink milk and pink apple sauce with a few pink star candies on top!

Earlier today, we built on our Missing Mitten Mystery snowman story from yesterday, and crafted a snowy snowman craft!

With cotton balls and a snowflake stamp with blue ink.

We also had a great time with our numbered HOPSCOTCH today, taped to the carpet floor!
We used wooden circle toys for the "stone throws".

We've been having such a good time doing all sorts of other activities and crafts, and with following Butterfly's creative ideas, we haven't even started our Letter M school work yet!  Meh, plenty of time for that, I say!


  1. Way to go Pinkerbelle! Ree Ree loves that book too and I read it to her quite often.

  2. I really want to get her Purplicious and Goldilicious now too! Plus, there is a whole series of just Pinkalicious!

  3. I have made a preschool Pinkalicious printable and you can find it here http://www.teachersnotebook.com/product/PreschoolPrintable/new-pink-girl-printable-2
    I found the clipart on Teachers Notebook also. Gwyn


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