Monday, January 24, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday

This is a special Muffin Tin Monday for us.
It's our pet's 8th Birthday!
And every year Butterfly wants to have a birthday for her puppy.
So she chose to share her Muffin Tin Monday with her pet!

Here it is!  A Doggie's Delight!

With new bones to chew- including a cool donut bone!
And chewy dog snacks and biscuits.
Even her favourite human snack she's had ever since she was a puppy, Goldfish!

Yes, that's a lighted candle.
When there's a birthday, there's a Butterfly who wants the whole works.
We sung Happy Birthday to our dog and blew out the candle for her!

♫ ♪  Happy Birthday to our sweet dog!!  ♫ ♪

Great job to my Butterfly, great sharing!

(Now I really must highly disinfect my muffin tin, and totally dishwasher it!  I never thought I would be putting dog food in my dishes!!  lol)


  1. What a gorgeous girl your Butterfly is to want to make your doggy's day special - so cute!

  2. LOL - at least your tin doesn't have bugs and worms in it (I once did a tin for one of our chickens, hee hee).
    Happy birthday to her - she's a gorgeous dog!

  3. I love that he get a candle too. Happy Birthdaya to your dog! Great tin idea!

  4. That is so sweet of Butterfly to do that! I love how children look at the world and make you wish you'd thought of it first!

  5. This tin is awesome! I love the idea of a doggie muffin tin meal! Happy Birthday to your beautiful dog. Love the picture at the top with the hat by the way!

  6. Cute! Happy birthday to your dog.

  7. How sweet! But ugh! Don't tell my daughter! I do NOT need to be doing kitty MTMs!


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