Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mmmmm Books!

Letter M week is coming up!

We have a great choice of books starting with M!

 Mouse books!

 Laura Numeroff's Mouse and Moose books!

 Missing Mitten Mystery
Another Monster at the end of the book
Mr. Muddle
Franklin is Messy
Mr. Messy

Monkey books!

 Moving Day books

Lots of Mommy Books!

The Madeline series

 Books on Manners!!

 Mike Mulligan steam shovel
Muddle Cuddle
Mailbox Magic
Goodnight Moon
Moonbeam on a Cat's ear
Busy Monday Morning

Baby Einstein's Art series.  This book studies artists' work and it's a review of letters A through M.

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  1. I know you saw it before I had a chance to tell you, but.... I love your blog and passed a blog award along to you!


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