Monday, January 24, 2011

Mitten Madness!!

Today Butterfly and her friend had some Mitten fun!
It's M Week and this book is full of M words!
Check out the title:

It's all about a little girl who lost her mitten in the snow during her outdoor play... at the end when she finds it, it's found in a very very special place!  ;))

With that type of ending a really cute craft can be made from it!  But I can't share the craft idea, it would give away the ending! ;))  Email me for it after you've read the story! :)

 After the story, we made our own mittens.  I drew a pair on cardstock and the girls used the colouredBingo Dabbers to decorate their pair!  (I tend to use an old baking pan under it as the Bingo dabbers' ink can leak through paper.)

A hole punch on each mitten and a little yarn tie, makes a pair of mittens tied together!

(And yes, I realized we made two left hands, thank goodness toddlers and preschoolers don't mind! :))

Here are a couple of games we played too:

We played our own Missing Mitten Mystery game!
We used a mitten and hid it around the house in different places each time, and the girls had to cover their eyes and then open them and find the missing mitten!  Then they each took a turn hiding the mitten for me to find too!

Then we found a whole pile of mittens from our coat closet, put them in a pile on the floor and the girls were encouraged to Match the Mittens!  Finding pairs!!  I think this was their favourite part because then afterwards they were trying on all the mittens on their hands... and feet!

Butterfly and her friend loved these "M for Mittens" activities as we stayed warm inside on this very cold day!

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